Three Mindsets That Would Help You Cull Your Emotionality

September 17th, 2014

Humans are different because of their emotion and their capacity to think, but emotions can sometimes be very difficult to control. Emotional intelligence is more important than intelligence as it plays a primary motivator to accomplish objectives. Here are three mindsets that will help you cull your emotions.

  1. Forgive, Never Forget

This is not a case of people doing you wrong and you could not trust them again. It is always easy to forgive, but you could use your experience to never let the other person, or another similar person, to take advantage of you or wrong you in the same way. Move on quickly, but keep in mind the lessons you have learned from dealing with similar people.

  1. Do Not Dwell on Problems and Face Them

People fear having big responsibilities because of the accompanying multiple problems. However, avoid looking at the big picture as intimidating. Instead, look at it as a map and identifying the small twists and turns, or resolving the small problems first, will help you see the effects your seemingly-miniscule activities actually make to resolve the big problem.

  1. Doing Everything but Expecting the Worst

Cynicism had taken much of the younger population dissatisfied with the results of the efforts they put in, leaving many to place a meagre amount of effort to avoid any failure and disappointment with themselves. However, if you still know what could happen, it is important that you still give all you could, but expect that things can still fail. It is important to do everything you can, but you must also expect the worst. This will help you manage your disappointment and move on quickly to rebuilding and re-planning.

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