Can Darker Personalities Help You? Number Three Possibly Can

July 17th, 2014

A dark personality is a negative trait in you, possibly depressive, short-tempered, narcissistic or even psychotic. However, despite their social connotation of negativity, they can actually help you learn life’s lessons easier and apply them into real life. Here are some of them.

1. Narcissism Inspires Passion
People believe in you because you are beautiful. You believe in yourself because you are beautiful. Your power to believe in your capability is the motivation people need to see their own beauty. When surrounded by people who believe in themselves, a team of such could achieve many great things.

2. Psychotics Do Not Look Back
Serial killers and murderers, while claiming lives without considering their actions, show little to no remorse for their actions. While it is improper to justify that killing and doing everything without a second thought is important, people could respect the resilience of these individuals. Psychotics never regret anything and are not burdened by emotional weight, which is a key factor in improving your person.

3. Depression Makes You Realistic
Depressive people see the negative side of things in life, and its importance for the normal person is that they learn to accept the realities of a situation. When depressed, people realise their own suffering, but in the process, they also improve the quality of accomplishments and success they could get because of the value they put in overcoming the difficult reality of different situations.

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Things That You Could Do Tonight to Help Improve You For Tomorrow

June 18th, 2014

Work is stressful, and other commitments throughout the day may also stress you out. As someone who values your existence and life, time is gold, or is probably worth than gold. Here are a few things that will help you feel better about the morning that you could do the night before.

1. Review
Review anything that you know you will need to do the following day. It does not have to be an in-depth review. Just remember that you have something to do for the next day, and create a plan for yourself how to handle the situation. Review your calendar for your potential schedules for work as well.

2. The Things Beside You
Whatever you need to do the earliest in the morning, place the tool or any object that will remind you (or you will use) to ensure that you remember it instantly. If you promised yourself to go biking, put your biking outfit beside your bed or on a chair to instantly remind you of it.

3. Journals and Books
Reading on a real book can help your eyes relax as it is off a digital monitor or anything electronic that illuminates, and then it relaxes your body to sleep. You could also write on a journal to reflect about your day and how it went for you, and what you need to do to improve, or what you are grateful for during the day.

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Some Unique Things About Health and Diet

May 19th, 2014

Keeping on a diet and good exercise helps lengthen your life and gives you more strength to face the day, whether it is a physical or mental challenge. But there are some unique things about fitness and the nutrition you get that you might want to know.

1. Drying Fruit
The next time you want to eat a fruit, avoid eating dried ones, either naturally or processed, because they have no nutrients whatsoever. You might even get in trouble with your diet because of their added preservatives. If they were naturally dried, consume them, but do not expect the same vitamin and antioxidant content.

2. Green Tea and Citrus
Green tea definitely has very positive effects on the human body, but adding citrus on green tea helps stabilize its Catechin content, which helps boost your antioxidant levels that it can survive significantly more than the lifespan of an average enzyme.

3. Clear Urine
If you are getting clear urine at least once or twice a day, you’re in the safe zone for hydration. It is not true that you need eight glasses of water because you also receive hydration from the food you eat. So make sure you see clear urine the next time you pee.

4. Detoxifiers
Detoxifiers claim to clean your body, and juices designed for this purpose are not always helpful. Most of them lack the protein your body needs. Protein helps your metabolism and helps you feeling full. Detoxifiers are useful, but always ensure you have a balanced diet.


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What Emotions Would Be Like In the Future

April 14th, 2014

This previous article discussed about how the internet, particularly social media, would evolve and play a great role in the future of technology and humanity. In that light, the world might also be looking at a pretty different future because of the changes in human interaction. Today’s emotions could be evoked digitally through emoticons and the like, but what would human emotions be like in the future should the internet’s supposed future take place?

1. Not So Real
Personal human interaction only allows you one chance to make an impression, which means that you have a limited time to say something that could make someone feel better, or worse, depending on their moods. In social media, you could leave a person waiting to receive your message, and you could think up of ways to impress them with good language, which you might also learn through the internet.

2. Entertaining
While the wide use of social media will leave text and video calls as the basis for speech, it would be entertaining for many people to think that all they read in social media is genuine. This is true today; many people are easily attracted to people who could talk well and prepare themselves for electronic chat. However, because it is the internet, nobody really takes the emotions very seriously.

3. Redefinition
The internet has changed the way people get over their past relationships. It has terribly prolonged the anguish of most people, and it had driven some people to claim their lives because of severe depression. The internet is a source of information, sometimes, information that you do not really want to see.

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Strange But Possible Future of Social Media

March 12th, 2014

So far, the internet is the best technological development the world has. The introduction of social media and search engines allowed people to stay for hours using the internet reading information, playing games or interacting with different people in social media. However, social media will continue to develop in many different ways, and sometimes, these might be strange.

1. Personal Endorsements
The internet became an avenue for small businesses to emerge and conduct businesses while outsourcing certain services, such as manufacturing and delivery, to other small companies. As established companies make the prices of celebrities and other representatives higher, more small businesses will favour people with strong social media skills to endorse their products. Soon, each person in the world might be endorsing, or selling a product to each other.

2. No More Need for Human Interaction
Holographic technologies are almost complete, and looking further into the future, these holograms can even simulate human touch and other facilities. Social media will be there to provide these services for users. Inevitably, there will be no need for personal human interaction as everything can happen in your own home.

3. Everyone Knows Everyone Else
In a sci-fi future, social media will allow people to know everyone else. However, this will take more time and more than eons to develop. Despite such a long time, it is possible that you are friends with more than billions of people in this world.


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Values, Compensation Claims, the Internet and You

February 19th, 2014

We can all agree that the law is a set of values and these values glue society together. It allows people not to trample on the freedoms of other people and those who deserve recompense for other people who overstep their bounds are given their due. However, UK’s legal system seems to only work for those who can manipulate the system.

When you want to manipulate a system, every component holds value and these values and the knowledge of these values makes them easy to manipulate with the right motivators. These create loopholes in laws that allows individuals, groups or companies to use them to their advantage.

For example, in a no win no fee claim a party could claim they have emotional damages. If they can pay the medical professional to create a report indicating possible emotional troubles due to an accident, then it all goes by the law. The hard part is that being a medical professional, nobody can disprove the medical professional’s claims.

The internet is also a way to abuse the legal system. Captured videos of accidents could be uploaded and made viral. One can easily edit videos, or even simulate entire accidents to get compensation. Sure, a car could be quite costly, but if people pull it off right, it can serve as evidence that gives them a reason to claim compensation for minor injuries and car repairs.

This is why the legal system in the UK, while having great benefits, is prone to abuse. With technological advancements and elaborate schemes, people who deserve the compensation they deserve end up getting nothing at all.

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Three Reasons Why The World is Heading for a Total Surveillance State

February 7th, 2014

The scare that Edward Snowden brought to the world by revealing the NSA’s surveillance activities increased the awareness that the world may be heading for a surveillance state. The sad reality is that this is true, and there is no stopping it. Even if Snowden did not reveal the NSA’s activities, the world is bound for surveillance because:

1. Social Media
Social media stretches from social networking and even into this blog, search engines and other internet services. With social media increasingly helping people know more about the people they just met as their acquaintance, find out the best restaurants or movie spots in town based on their preferences and reviews about services, information gets stored somewhere. If the government can’t access it, the companies can, and they can use the information to further control you by appeasement.

2. Addiction to Technology
The internet’s easier methods of access through mobile internet services allows people to check up on their social media accounts and use cameras to identify themselves for certain services. These cameras help companies identify you and your identity. However, people cannot get enough of taking pictures of themselves, so it makes agencies find you just by using Google.

3. Popularity
The internet had allowed many new stars to have flourishing careers made of fame and talent. The term “15 minutes of fame” is now long gone because you could record yourself for an average of 10 minutes doing something, sometimes even more. A person’s recorded videos could be accessed for reference to their location and their activities at home.

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The Best Ways You Could Unleash Your Anger

January 8th, 2014

Anger is a strong emotion that is highly likely uncontrollable for any individual. Unleashing your anger on someone can tear down relationships or deteriorate the quality of your life emotionally. If you cannot control unleashing your anger but you want to avoid hurting people, here are a few things that can help.

1. Get a Punching/Kicking Bag
Regardless whether you are physically trained for martial arts or you have any combat skill, getting something you could physically attack without hurting anybody (except maybe yourself) is crucial to controlling your anger. Having a punching or kicking bag at home greatly helps in helping lower your adrenaline as you tire yourself out pummelling against the bag that can take it.

2. Verbal Anger
When angry, you could choose to shout at the person you are angry at, including all the cuss and the un-charming words you would like to express. However, you could do this by going inside the bathroom, turning on the sink and shouting everything while the water splashes. You could also play loud music in a small room and do the same to vent you out.

3. Talk
The best way to relieve anger is to talk to a person who could digest everything you say. You could also talk to strangers, which helps your mind focus more on becoming decent in talking to people you do not directly know, about your problem. The sudden shyness or interaction with a person you could trust can help lower your adrenaline and activate your mental faculties, which help lower your emotional tendencies.

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The Most Interesting Things About Temperature

December 23rd, 2013

The earth is liveable because it provides the right kind of temperature that permits water-based life to develop and form in the world. The earth’s atmosphere also gives the world the right amount of temperature and defence against the sun’s heat and the universe’s cold. However, temperature is more than just the numbers on the thermometer.

1. It Is Still Infinite So Far
Scientists record that 7.2 trillion degrees Fahrenheit or four billion degrees Celsius is the hottest man-made temperature in the world today. This means its 250,000 times hotter than the core of the Sun. This kind of heat was produced in the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider.

2. Light Magic
The Bose-Einstein Condensate is a phenomenon that changes the character of light using a temperature to a degree above absolute zero. Super cold temperatures could actually turn light into its gas form.

3. Infinity in Cold
So far, the coldest recorded man-made temperature had reached 0.0000000001 Kelvins using a magnetic cooling mechanism or small-scale lasers. Cold temperatures had been instrumental in experiments concerning quarks and quantum mechanics.

4. The Universe is Getting Colder
As part of universal entropy, which had begun ever since the big bang had happened and formed the universe, our space of reality is getting colder. Today, scientists record that the temperature is lower than -454 Fahrenheit. The universe is getting colder by one degree every three billion years.

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FOS Chief Natalie Ceeney Resigns This Week After Millionth PPI Complaint

November 21st, 2013

Following the Financial Ombudsman’s receipt of its one millionth PPI claim, four-year Chief Ombudsman Natalie Ceeney had resigned from her position. According to Nicholas Montagu, Chairman of the Financial Ombudsman, Ceeney felt that it was time to move on from the Financial Ombudsman and into a new career.

Deputy Chief Ombudsman Tony Boorman will replace her position indefinitely as the Chief of the office.

Natalie Ceeney said that she enjoyed her time working in the Financial Ombudsman and while her reasons for leaving are personal, she is very proud of the social and economic changes the FOS had brought to helping UK consumers and banks ensure their healthy relationship.

Ceeney had spent her last four years in the Financial Ombudsman dealing with the peak of mis sold PPI claims. The Financial Ombudsman had received a total of 210,000 PPI complaints in the last half of 2012, which was overtaken by the previous half of 2013, garnering a total of 265,000 complaints.

PPI is designed to repay loans, mortgages and credit cards, but because of the mis selling performed by banks due to improper incentives to increase work volume, many ineligible consumers had an insurance they did not need. On average, a consumer could reclaim £3000-3500 from a single PPI refund.

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