Three Reasons Why The World is Heading for a Total Surveillance State

February 7th, 2014

The scare that Edward Snowden brought to the world by revealing the NSA’s surveillance activities increased the awareness that the world may be heading for a surveillance state. The sad reality is that this is true, and there is no stopping it. Even if Snowden did not reveal the NSA’s activities, the world is bound for surveillance because:

1. Social Media
Social media stretches from social networking and even into this blog, search engines and other internet services. With social media increasingly helping people know more about the people they just met as their acquaintance, find out the best restaurants or movie spots in town based on their preferences and reviews about services, information gets stored somewhere. If the government can’t access it, the companies can, and they can use the information to further control you by appeasement.

2. Addiction to Technology
The internet’s easier methods of access through mobile internet services allows people to check up on their social media accounts and use cameras to identify themselves for certain services. These cameras help companies identify you and your identity. However, people cannot get enough of taking pictures of themselves, so it makes agencies find you just by using Google.

3. Popularity
The internet had allowed many new stars to have flourishing careers made of fame and talent. The term “15 minutes of fame” is now long gone because you could record yourself for an average of 10 minutes doing something, sometimes even more. A person’s recorded videos could be accessed for reference to their location and their activities at home.

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Three Pointless Computer Gadgets That Actually Look Cool

February 11th, 2013

Computer manufacturers and developers continue to create innovative and helpful products for computer users to aid their daily work or add spice to their computer experience, but some products they create are just plain pointless or distasteful. However, some quirky products actually stick and are actually cool upon second sight. Here are a few products sold on the market today that you can find interesting, if the price is right that is.


1. Tengu
Tengu is a USB-powered device that, once fitted into your USB slot, can give you a fun-filled work day by lip-syncing the songs playing on your playlist and change its mood according to the music’s mood. You could even chat with it with its built-in microphone and voice recognition software. As an inch-tall device, Tengu is built up of bright LED lights that allow him to make 14 different facial experessions.

sticky tape

2. USB Sticky Tape Dispenser
People usually imagine pointless products that could help provide solutions to rare problems they encounter, such as having not enough space in their bag for a tape dispenser and a USB hub device. The USB sticky tape dispenser actually dispenses tape and serves as a USB hub capable of supporting four more USB slots. Pretty nifty especially if you’re running out of USB space, or bag space.

seat pad

3. USB Heated Seat Pad
It can be very cold in the office and you happened to have forgotten to bring your jacket. Enter the USB Heated Seat Pad, which effectively heats up your buttocks up to 38 degrees Celsius. All these convenience USB-powered, long-term gamers and office people will want this. However, ensure that your computer can generate great power output as the heat might be insufficient when you use it.

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The Five Effects of Apple’s Win Over Samsung

September 7th, 2012

If you haven’t heard, the case between Apple Vs. Samsung with regards to patent laws and property protection has finally reached an end point. Apple has won against Samsung. Analysts state that either way, things can go with damages whichever side wins. However, with the court’s ruling, consumers are the ones plagued by the decision. Here are a few effects of Apple’s legal victory against Samsung

1. Going After Other Manufacturers

Other smart phone manufacturing companies and designers will likely be the next targets of Apple. Most smart phones have derived their designs from the iPad and iPhone systems as touch screen technology makes full use of finger gestures.

2. Failing Product Support from Samsung

Owners of the 8 to-be banned smart phone models from Samsung may be in danger. With the products phased out, product support for the models may be in jeopardy. Unless Samsung purchases patent rights from Apple, the phone owners might need to re-sell the products, or at least make use of them as regular devices.

3. A Monopoly

Apple may well end up owning the mobile computing market in the United States. Unless some other computer manufacturer decides to rival the touchscreen technologies of the iPad and iPhone models, they will need to find ways to work around the interfaces. But until then, we’re stuck with the iPad.

4. Extensive Product Hacks

More and more hacks for iPhones and iPads will continue. Some of these hacks are shared by Samsung and other smart phone models. But then, more and more “jailbreak hacks” and other ways to pirate applications and software will kill the Apple market. Without a good alternative to Apple products, people can re-sell and rewire the entire device.

5. Stricter Patent Regulation

The good thing that comes from the recent Samsung Vs. Apple legal case is that patents are still well protected in the country. However, this means that there will also be stricter observations when it comes to new products. This ensures that any innovation in the future will be well protected.

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