How to Make Anger Work For You

October 27th, 2014

We talked about how to cull your emotions in the last post, but in this post, we’ll be discussing your anger’s capability to focus you into your work and productivity.

Anger is a very strong emotion. It is capable of getting you into trouble because your strong feelings may manifest into dangerous expressions. This could tarnish your relationships with other people and even do irreversible damages. Unless the other party is understanding, your anger will not solve anything.


Your anger actually enhances your focus and concentration. However, if you could divert your anger into something more productive, it can definitely make a difference.


The next time you get mad, ask yourself you have more work to do and there are other things that you need to focus on. When you realise the world will not stop for you, that’s when you come to a point that you need to be productive, or else you risk losing the chance for your own growth. Picture your task as a punching bag that you could deal blows by doing everything on time and precisely.


Accepting the damages and the impact is one way to retain your concentration. The body has a fight-or-flight mechanism that activates to “fight” when we’re angry and furious. Instead of focusing on the damages, focus on accepting that it has already happened, passed and forgiven, and you could just change what is happening at present.


Lastly, goals are very important. Prioritise all your tasks for the day instead of focusing on what isn’t supposed to happen. Don’t let your anger cloud your productivity by trying to ease it. Instead, focus your efforts to let your mind wander with your tasks. See the beauty in the small capabilities and achievements you could do attaining your tasks. In this way, you also ease the emotions while retaining your focus all the while.

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Three Mindsets That Would Help You Cull Your Emotionality

September 17th, 2014

Humans are different because of their emotion and their capacity to think, but emotions can sometimes be very difficult to control. Emotional intelligence is more important than intelligence as it plays a primary motivator to accomplish objectives. Here are three mindsets that will help you cull your emotions.

  1. Forgive, Never Forget

This is not a case of people doing you wrong and you could not trust them again. It is always easy to forgive, but you could use your experience to never let the other person, or another similar person, to take advantage of you or wrong you in the same way. Move on quickly, but keep in mind the lessons you have learned from dealing with similar people.

  1. Do Not Dwell on Problems and Face Them

People fear having big responsibilities because of the accompanying multiple problems. However, avoid looking at the big picture as intimidating. Instead, look at it as a map and identifying the small twists and turns, or resolving the small problems first, will help you see the effects your seemingly-miniscule activities actually make to resolve the big problem.

  1. Doing Everything but Expecting the Worst

Cynicism had taken much of the younger population dissatisfied with the results of the efforts they put in, leaving many to place a meagre amount of effort to avoid any failure and disappointment with themselves. However, if you still know what could happen, it is important that you still give all you could, but expect that things can still fail. It is important to do everything you can, but you must also expect the worst. This will help you manage your disappointment and move on quickly to rebuilding and re-planning.

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The Three Most Important Things You Need to Resolve Anything

August 25th, 2014

When you were a child, you believed you can be anything, which is why a child’s dreams are grand. Today, many have grown cynical, especially when faced with a gigantic problem to reach their goal. Regardless of how big the trouble is, a solution could be formulated quickly if you do the following.

1. Big Problems are Made up of Smaller Ones
Think of it as a thesis study or a research you need for your work. Big problems are not big because they are one, solidified gigantic problem. These problems are made up of smaller problems, which have its own group of smaller problems. The quantity may be overwhelming, but finding a starting point is crucial to motivate one to resolve a problem.

2. Effort
Keeping focused on resolving the small problems not only helps you avoid being overwhelmed by a gigantic problem, but you tend to resolve the problem efficiently. These small problems are similar to cogs in a machine; if you create and place them strategically, they can help resolve other problems quicker.

3. Small Details
As you now have focus, small details will play a big role in resolving the sub-categorised smaller problems that will help resolve your gigantic problem. Be sure to pay attention to even the slightest changes or deviation from the solution you have proposed and note its possible impact. From here, you could solve your problems by either finding an easier way or a way to modify such troubles.

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Can Darker Personalities Help You? Number Three Possibly Can

July 17th, 2014

A dark personality is a negative trait in you, possibly depressive, short-tempered, narcissistic or even psychotic. However, despite their social connotation of negativity, they can actually help you learn life’s lessons easier and apply them into real life. Here are some of them.

1. Narcissism Inspires Passion
People believe in you because you are beautiful. You believe in yourself because you are beautiful. Your power to believe in your capability is the motivation people need to see their own beauty. When surrounded by people who believe in themselves, a team of such could achieve many great things.

2. Psychotics Do Not Look Back
Serial killers and murderers, while claiming lives without considering their actions, show little to no remorse for their actions. While it is improper to justify that killing and doing everything without a second thought is important, people could respect the resilience of these individuals. Psychotics never regret anything and are not burdened by emotional weight, which is a key factor in improving your person.

3. Depression Makes You Realistic
Depressive people see the negative side of things in life, and its importance for the normal person is that they learn to accept the realities of a situation. When depressed, people realise their own suffering, but in the process, they also improve the quality of accomplishments and success they could get because of the value they put in overcoming the difficult reality of different situations.

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Things That You Could Do Tonight to Help Improve You For Tomorrow

June 18th, 2014

Work is stressful, and other commitments throughout the day may also stress you out. As someone who values your existence and life, time is gold, or is probably worth than gold. Here are a few things that will help you feel better about the morning that you could do the night before.

1. Review
Review anything that you know you will need to do the following day. It does not have to be an in-depth review. Just remember that you have something to do for the next day, and create a plan for yourself how to handle the situation. Review your calendar for your potential schedules for work as well.

2. The Things Beside You
Whatever you need to do the earliest in the morning, place the tool or any object that will remind you (or you will use) to ensure that you remember it instantly. If you promised yourself to go biking, put your biking outfit beside your bed or on a chair to instantly remind you of it.

3. Journals and Books
Reading on a real book can help your eyes relax as it is off a digital monitor or anything electronic that illuminates, and then it relaxes your body to sleep. You could also write on a journal to reflect about your day and how it went for you, and what you need to do to improve, or what you are grateful for during the day.

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The Best Ways You Could Unleash Your Anger

January 8th, 2014

Anger is a strong emotion that is highly likely uncontrollable for any individual. Unleashing your anger on someone can tear down relationships or deteriorate the quality of your life emotionally. If you cannot control unleashing your anger but you want to avoid hurting people, here are a few things that can help.

1. Get a Punching/Kicking Bag
Regardless whether you are physically trained for martial arts or you have any combat skill, getting something you could physically attack without hurting anybody (except maybe yourself) is crucial to controlling your anger. Having a punching or kicking bag at home greatly helps in helping lower your adrenaline as you tire yourself out pummelling against the bag that can take it.

2. Verbal Anger
When angry, you could choose to shout at the person you are angry at, including all the cuss and the un-charming words you would like to express. However, you could do this by going inside the bathroom, turning on the sink and shouting everything while the water splashes. You could also play loud music in a small room and do the same to vent you out.

3. Talk
The best way to relieve anger is to talk to a person who could digest everything you say. You could also talk to strangers, which helps your mind focus more on becoming decent in talking to people you do not directly know, about your problem. The sudden shyness or interaction with a person you could trust can help lower your adrenaline and activate your mental faculties, which help lower your emotional tendencies.

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Reading Effectively: Some of the Ways To Do This Well

November 14th, 2012

Reading is a basic educational skill that we all pick up on as kids. If we did not read, our superiors, even our parents, can get mad at us and force us to read for our next day’s lessons. However, you may find yourself having a dyslexia with reading and finding it impossible to do speed reading. Here are some ways that I discovered in helping you read as effectively as possible.

1. The Light

One of the things that actually hinder your reading capacities is the lighting. Either reading on the computer or on an actual book or paper, you will need proper lighting to sort this out. Adjust the back light of your computer monitor and set it to the lowest, especially when reading with a lighter background than your colors. You could also reverse the contrast of your computer (shift+alt+printscreen on Windows) to help you read properly. With paper, ensure that all the characters are readable, not blurred, and the background is lit properly and is not too vibrant.

2. Focus Yourself

The Internet can actually make a person easily distracted with the many information and entertainment options available. But if you really want to focus yourself, it is essential that you close all windows that you do not need for your reading. You can never imagine a book’s scenario completely without immersing yourself to it completely. Light music can help accompany you in the process as well.

3. Make the Topic Interesting

Surely, you might be reading for your thesis, school paper or work. If you want to continue reading the article or book passage you need to accomplish, play a game with yourself. Create questions out of the answers the book presents to you. In this way, you could easily remember such details from books easily. Making the topic interesting helps your brain accept the information more jovially, which it would save and make useful where you need them.

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