Some Creepy Wikipedia Articles That Could Give You Chills

October 17th, 2012

Wikipedia is a rich source of information for the common netizen and primarily where most people get first-hand information for Internet “flaming” and preview studies. However, Wikipedia plays host not only to the knowledgeable, but also for people trying to find entertainment or curiosities from the simple whims to the actually gratuitous ones. Here are a few creepy articles you can find about in Wikipedia.

1. Roanoke Colony

As mysterious as the Bermuda Triangle incidents, the Roanoke colony, an English-led expedition in the name of gaining resources and spreading religion and belief throughout the world, is one of the early mysteries in the world today. It starts with the story of colonists settling in modern day United States and establishing a seemingly-untouchable fortress, which, suddenly disappeared without any trace. It was claimed not to be destroyed as remnants would have remained, but it suddenly vanished without a trace.

2. Tanganyika Laughter Epidemic

In the Tanganyika village of South Africa, a laughter epidemic spread all around the village, which began with students finding it difficult to control their laughter. Soon, the laughter epidemic spread throughout the entire village. It is often called mass hysteria by sociologist. The incidents spread across other villages, with people unable to control bursts of laughter at certain points. It took at least half a year to finally end the mass hysteric epidemic.

3. Unit 731

Unit 731 is probably the most controversial war atrocity committed by the Japanese against the Chinese during World War II. The Japanese Unit used a formerly medical institution in the country to perform experiments on biological and chemical warfare researchers using prisoners of war and Kempei Tai-declared “enemies of the state”. Some experiments including live dissection, chemical experiments on humans and other torturous pursuits to science.

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Civilizations That Might Terrify You

October 4th, 2012

History is a great player when it comes to explaining the culture and society of a country. Why America is a country for freedom is because it had fought for hard-won freedom against its colonizers in the past. However, history also comes with civilizations. Primal urges and sub-modern ideas in the past have made the law, which made these civilizations terrifying, so read on.

1. The Celtics

Not to be confused with the NBA basketball team, the Celts are a civilization of bounty hunters. Their “signature”, in which they place the heads of their victims or targets on their chariots and in front of their homes, make them an enemy to be feared. Most celtics fought naked. They carried long and sharp swords. They embalm the heads of the enemies they had the honor of killing and display them for visitors to their home to see.

2. Maori

The peaceful country of New Zealand from down under hides a very horrifying tribe. Once, the Maori civilization lived in New Zealand. They practiced cannibalism during warfare. During the year 1809, a European Convict Ship was attacked by Maori warriors for killing their chief’s son. They carried their victims off the boat and cooked their bodies, while hiding survivors watched in horror.

3. The Mongols

You’ve head of Genghis Khan in the famous Disney movie Mulan. But that is not how it really happened. Genghis Khan was the leader of the Mongols. These barbaric and savage men dominated Europe and Asia eons of years ago. Highly disciplined in the art of war and formidable hunters with the bow and arrow on horseback, they were enemies to be feared. They struck fear in the hearts of their enemies and Genghis Khan ruled over the world’s largest empire in the history of mankind.

4. The Aztecs

The Aztecs are a religion-based civilization during the 1300s. They offered human sacrifices to their religion’s gods. They leveled the sun god as the highest of gods in their hierarchy of deities. However, the sacrifices weren’t always burned or killed instantly. Some were drowned, some were beheaded, some were dropped from high places. They practiced cannibalism during sacrifices; they ripped the heart of their sacrifice out while he is alive and his flesh is eaten ceremoniously.

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Five Bible Topics Wrongly Understood in Popular Culture

September 21st, 2012

The holy bible is one of the most important religious resources in the whole of Christianity and Catholicism. Depending on which religion you have might be the interpretation of the bible verses. However, critics and the devoted continue to argue about the meanings of bible verses, and this has led to many unlikely interpretations . Here are five of the usual teachings that appear to be wrong from bible verses.

1. The Fruit of Eden

In the book of Genesis 2:17, the verses describe that Adam and Eve partake in the forbidden Apple of the “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil”. However, in the verse itself, it is not indicated as an Apple, but rather, a general ‘fruit’. Experts state that the misconception of Apple as the fruit of the tree is a cultural one; people used to refer to all fruit and nuts as Apples in Middle English.

2. Noah’s Ark

We all know the tale of Noah’s ark, popularized by cartoons, series and even academic textbooks. While most stories claim that the animals went in by twos, in reality, only one category of these animals entered in twos. According to Genesis 7:2-3, the clean animals entered in groups of 7; the dirty ones entered in groups of two.

3. The Immaculate Conception

Popular with most holy week and Christmas stories is the story of Immaculate conception. This is when the Christian savior Jesus Christ was conceived by his mother, Mary and the Holy Spirit. However, most gospels refer to the Immaculate Conception as Jesus being born without sin. But the true meaning of the phrase comes from the conception of Mary, who was also born without sin, and preserved by God from the Original Sin.

4. Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene was an iconic bible character who was about to be stoned, yet was spared by Jesus during the incursion of her stoning. She was a character accused of adultery, which gave the impression of a prostitute. However, in Luke 8:2, she is rarely mentioned. She only appears during the resurrection of the savior and is only known as a woman possessed by seven demons.

5. Prodigal Son

In popular culture, the prodigal son means a child of a parent coming back home after finally realizing the value of family bonds. However, the word ‘prodigal’ is usually mistaken as a word in reference to returning. Prodigal actually means to be wasteful or extravagant.

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