Three Weirdest Dating Ideas For The 21st Century

September 29th, 2015

If you thought speed dating was weird, then this is your last chance to turn away! Looking for your soulmate has never been this challenging and hilarious at the same time. Don’t see what I mean? What if your date turned from the best date to a living nightmare? That’s what these guys found.

Compiled from IGN Boards

Group Date Gone Wrong

It’s nice to know you’re loved by many guys if you’re a woman. It may feed vanity but it also shows you as a desirable woman. But to date five guys all at the same time? It’s like facing a panel of judges. One woman from IGN’s forums encountered the same situation. The guy claims the five guys and girl are his best friends since they were children and it was a usual first date. Yikes!

Strip Club What?

A guy meets a woman in a bar and goes on a normal first date. Then, a girl invites the guy in question to head over to the local strip club. What an invite, to be honest because it is rare girls enjoy strip clubs. Then he meets the new girlfriend of the date’s baby daddy and he arrives as a boyfriend-ish guy. Then, guy tries to make things go further to his advantage. Weird, but nice.

Dance In Darkness

Going on a double date? Don’t do it in the dark. Putting on music in the dark with another couple sounds like a great idea, until you start doing things your partner with another couple in the room. You might not see each other but you do understand, it is one strange experience.

What’s harder to digest? You have to go dinner outside with them. Ouch!

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Dating: Talking To Men

July 23rd, 2015

I have to admit that plenty of dating advice websites advice men on how to talk to women. It’s probably because it’s truthfully difficult to talk to women depending on the subject manner, context of place and their perception of you.

But it can be difficult for women to talk to men too. Most men have some topics that could be sensitive for them. Sometimes, men wouldn’t be too interested and will even try to step out of a date when they can.

So how do you manage such a situation? Here are four things that you need to know.

  1. Don’t Go Talking About Yourself And Your Girl Friends

Men are interested in your life, that’s a given. Men want to be part of your life, that’s also a given. But men don’t want to hear every adventure you’ve had with your best friends, or your personal adventures in particular.

Men want to talk about something they can relate to. It could be your favourite movie, a moment in a sitcom that you just couldn’t get over with. It’s all about not talking about yourself all the time.

  1. Let Them Brag… a bit

Allow men to talk about themselves, their accomplishments and their hobbies. Men love talking about something that is important to them. If you tease them a bit, things can get less tense and more comfortable.

  1. Talk Funny

After teasing them about themselves, you could try and talk funny. Assess what’s on their minds. Play a short game that will end up in laughs.

Remember, you often remember many things when you’re happy and having fun, so why not start here?

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Three Reasons Why Girls Won’t Follow Through After a First Date

November 27th, 2014

After your first date with a very potential life partner, you think you had it all figured out. Then it turns out she was just being polite to you the entire night and didn’t really think you were long-term or marriage material. You might think you haven’t done anything wrong, but it is highly likely you did. Here are three reasons why girls won’t follow through on a first date.

  1. Too Nice

Maybe you were a bit too nice. While women expect you to be gallant and gentlemanly during a date, they’d like to see a man who knows his wants and needs, and has control. If these three things aren’t evident, especially with you being too nice to your woman, then you’re making a doormat out of yourself, and women don’t like that too much.

  1. Too Brash

Of course, women like the gentleman, responsible type. They like being treated with respect. Being too brash with your bad boy attitude isn’t helping. It only makes you look obnoxious and undesirable. Despite your good looks, your personality will always reign favour with women’s desires.

  1. Too Talkative

Women like a man who has something to say, but not a man who has a lot to say. Being too talkative isn’t attractive to women. If it has humour added, you might stand a chance. But if you’re only talking about current events (which you shouldn’t as this is a date) or about yourself, you’ve just missed your mark.

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Four Quirks That Could Make a Person Attractive

January 20th, 2013

Sometimes, a good joke or a witty banter can put a smile on your face. Sometimes, it’s those slanting eyes or facial shape that makes you attractive to another person’s eyes. Every person looks for something unique in another person. Here are four common quirks that people find attractive in people they date.

1. Imperfect Teeth

No matter how much mainstream media upholds the value of hyper-reality in their toothpaste commercials, people will always settle for the things they see on a daily basis. Some people find butterfly-toothed or crooked-toothed people attractive for some reason. It might be because it gives them character or because it fits the person very well.

2. Roundness/Fat/Chubbiness

Certain people are also attracted to those who have added weight. While obese couples do exist, people who have a plus on size for their clothes are found attractive by some males or females. It might be because they possess a quality different from those of the fit and lean type of people, such as intelligence, character and sarcasm.

3. Accent

Speaking properly is an important asset for most people as it helps them do business, but also it helps them find love in the right places. Your speaking accent depends on the part of the world you belong in and the way you speak, if it has character, can make you attractive to another person. Just do it naturally; accent can be a major turn off if you continue to pretend.

4. Height

Some males prefer taller women, some women prefer taller men, and vice versa. Height can make a person attractive. While it might basically suggest symbolic dominance, people might like it when taller women look at them or women like it when men are shorter than them.

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