Three Stories Of National Anthems That Might Just Crack You Up!

November 25th, 2015

We’ve known the stories of national anthems in our own country and we hold it with pride along with the history of our respective countries and cultures. But sometimes, fate has a way of making something so traditional have a new memory other than the fact it represents the country’s ideals and objectives. Such as…

Making The President Mad

In the United States, a sit-com actress had enraged the then-US President George Bush because of her national anthem antics during a San Diego-Cincinatti baseball game at the Jack Murphy Stadium.

The sit-com actress Rosanne Barr sang The Star-Spangled Banner a bit too high. She ended up singing too loud. She finished by making the gesture of a baseball player. Bush called her performance “a disgrace” and the crowd booed her off the stage.

Arrested For Disrespect

In 2014, India, a philosophy student found himself arrested over refusal to stand up during India’s national anthem before a movie they were about to see.

Reports said several audience members protested against their disrespect and a complaint filed against Salman Mohammed, 25 years old, found himself charged with sedition under the Information Technology Act, which could see him and his friends a possible life imprisonment. Luckily, he only spent 35 days in the cooler.

We know that several humanitarian groups criticised India’s government for the brutal implementation of its laws.


Algeria’s national anthem itself is bizarre. Written by a political rebel in 1956, Moufdi Zakaria would write ‘The Pledge’ on his prison walls in Algerian prison cells expressing his anger against the French oppressors during the time.

His poem saw light as a national anthem after Mohamed Triki began to add music, which Mohamed Fawzi finished in 1957.

The lyrics, infused with anger, spoke about the cries of the common Algerian and the war’s nuances, such as the noise of gunpowder as the rhythm of their daily lives and machine guns as their melody.

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Understanding and Improving Corporate Culture [Infographic]

March 25th, 2015

Understanding and improving corporate culture in the office can be a very difficult scenario. However, one thing’s for sure. Corporations such as Pixar, Patagonia and Google make it a point to keep their employees happy. The employees, in turn, make the office a working space brimming with ideas and productivity. Check this infographic out and see for yourself.

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What Emotions Would Be Like In the Future

April 14th, 2014

This previous article discussed about how the internet, particularly social media, would evolve and play a great role in the future of technology and humanity. In that light, the world might also be looking at a pretty different future because of the changes in human interaction. Today’s emotions could be evoked digitally through emoticons and the like, but what would human emotions be like in the future should the internet’s supposed future take place?

1. Not So Real
Personal human interaction only allows you one chance to make an impression, which means that you have a limited time to say something that could make someone feel better, or worse, depending on their moods. In social media, you could leave a person waiting to receive your message, and you could think up of ways to impress them with good language, which you might also learn through the internet.

2. Entertaining
While the wide use of social media will leave text and video calls as the basis for speech, it would be entertaining for many people to think that all they read in social media is genuine. This is true today; many people are easily attracted to people who could talk well and prepare themselves for electronic chat. However, because it is the internet, nobody really takes the emotions very seriously.

3. Redefinition
The internet has changed the way people get over their past relationships. It has terribly prolonged the anguish of most people, and it had driven some people to claim their lives because of severe depression. The internet is a source of information, sometimes, information that you do not really want to see.

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Crazy Conspiracy Theories You Might Actually Find Interesting

November 1st, 2013

Movie conspiracy theories give you some thought about the current human condition and who’s taking advantage of whom. However, cinematic conspiracy theories do exist in the real world and some of them are very, very crazy.

1. Hollywood Killers
Randy Quaid said that an organisation of serial killers are out to kill Hollywood stars. Quaid said that these “Star Whackers” have already killed several renowned Hollywood stars such as Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger and Chris Penn. They both believe they might be next. However, the crazy part is that Randy Quaid was never a star and this conspiracy might be an excuse to avoid paying compensation for certain damages they caused.

2. Nazi Spy
Errol Flynn was famous for being Robin Hood in The Adventures of Robin Hood and because of his promiscuous lifestyle. He was also naturalised into America from Australia. A biographer, Charles Higham, questioned his patriotism, claimed that Flynn was a Nazi agent, and used the friendship of Flynn towards Hermann Erben as Proof. Because of this, Franklin Roosevelt refused the aid of Flynn from his connections in Ireland because of the rumours.

3. Disney Conspiracies
Snow White, a remarkable Disney classic, became the center of great conspiracies regarding teaching children about cocaine. The theory is supported by the fact that Snow White is actually a moniker for cocaine and the Seven Dwarfs’ names were references to the stages of addiction. From Happy to Bashful, the last dwarf, Doc, is the last person they need to see.

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Subconscious Ways the Media Influences Views on Women

September 27th, 2013

Mass media has always been a powerful source of information and entertainment. As the lines blur between the two especially with the dawn of the Internet, it becomes apparent that subliminal messages could be felt but not distinguished by the common audience. Media influences you, especially on your views about women.

1. Men are Owed a Media-Fabricated Image of a Woman
As weird as it sounds, mass media exposes a lot of adult-aged women just out of their teen years to dress scantily and prance around different shows, series and movies. These women look amazing and beautiful and anybody who’s a lead actor is a man who deserves such a woman. Now that you read this men, don’t you think you are owed a woman as such too?

2. Sex Objects
Feminists in the early ages fought against men’s views about women treated as sex objects. This led to people looking down on prostitution with the support of different religions. However, the media, just like the example in number one, shows you a woman could be a decoration and the more it repeats, the more you view that women are decorations rather than humans.

3. Sexual Conspiration
Men often justify that the male libido is separate from their emotions and their ideals. Science proves such as well. This is why most females who wear very revealing clothing are blamed for sexual urges. You often find these in comic moments in movies or sitcoms.

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Gaming: A List of Things That Destroy FPS Games

June 27th, 2013

First-Person shooter gaming (FPS) is one of the most enjoyable kinds of games that is both exhilarating and very intelligent. It has evolved from the first-ever FPS Doom in the 90s and into something more with different elements to date. However, FPS gaming has its own bad sides. Here is a list of things that actually spoil these wonderful games.

1. Gamer Attitudes
People play games because they want to be entertained, but many gamers in the genre love to launch verbal attacks on other players. Many act tough behind a computer screen spouting curses at some players. While friendly players exist, competitive players may also turn-off many first time gamers.

2. Hackers
Hackers will always be present in any game genre especially when it is online and multiplayer. These will often cheat and break codes in the game to give them an up against their opponents, taking the fun factor out of the FPS gaming genre.

3. Moderators
Game servers have their moderators and these moderators provide the rules and ban the hackers of games. Most moderators have auto-kick functions in most servers. However, many moderators are lazy; they often let the bad apples into the box without any question. While there are many good game moderators, some do a real bad job.

4. Server Crashes
Gaming servers can crash at any time and can be frustrating for a new player. Some of them may even crash at the crucial points of a game. This can be a great turn off for some players who are looking to increase their level with such a match only to have it ended by a server crash.

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A List of The Most Terrible Office Behaviours

May 21st, 2013

The office; a workplace for people with like objectives that team up to achieve business objectives set by their superiors for the betterment of the business. As you’re teamed up with people you’re not too familiar with, sometimes you find great friends and workmates. Sometimes, you’re not so lucky because they act in such a weird manner. Here is a list of the most terrible office behaviours of all time.

1. Racism
Any country’s government has a law against racism, but the law also states that everyone can express themselves and their interests freely. Sadly, some workmates could introduce racism in the workplace. Some try to bully you or even offend you with their statements.

2. The Career Person
Any corporation has one employee who strives every day to impress their superiors in the hopes of gaining a promotion sometime soon. Regardless if they’re doing this for a planned marriage or a stable future for their family, they are still offensive and bossy especially if you get to work with them.

3. Improper Habits
The office is similar to a community; your neighbours must respect your property as you respect theirs. However, some workmates have improper habits like spitting on the floor, chewing gum and sticking it anywhere (including your chair), littering and making coffee circles where their mug lands.

4. The Sprinter
There is that one employee who always goes late to work and eventually runs between closing elevator doors, squeezing him or herself into a crowded pack of employees and running without looking at the people they come crashing across.

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Civilizations That Might Terrify You

October 4th, 2012

History is a great player when it comes to explaining the culture and society of a country. Why America is a country for freedom is because it had fought for hard-won freedom against its colonizers in the past. However, history also comes with civilizations. Primal urges and sub-modern ideas in the past have made the law, which made these civilizations terrifying, so read on.

1. The Celtics

Not to be confused with the NBA basketball team, the Celts are a civilization of bounty hunters. Their “signature”, in which they place the heads of their victims or targets on their chariots and in front of their homes, make them an enemy to be feared. Most celtics fought naked. They carried long and sharp swords. They embalm the heads of the enemies they had the honor of killing and display them for visitors to their home to see.

2. Maori

The peaceful country of New Zealand from down under hides a very horrifying tribe. Once, the Maori civilization lived in New Zealand. They practiced cannibalism during warfare. During the year 1809, a European Convict Ship was attacked by Maori warriors for killing their chief’s son. They carried their victims off the boat and cooked their bodies, while hiding survivors watched in horror.

3. The Mongols

You’ve head of Genghis Khan in the famous Disney movie Mulan. But that is not how it really happened. Genghis Khan was the leader of the Mongols. These barbaric and savage men dominated Europe and Asia eons of years ago. Highly disciplined in the art of war and formidable hunters with the bow and arrow on horseback, they were enemies to be feared. They struck fear in the hearts of their enemies and Genghis Khan ruled over the world’s largest empire in the history of mankind.

4. The Aztecs

The Aztecs are a religion-based civilization during the 1300s. They offered human sacrifices to their religion’s gods. They leveled the sun god as the highest of gods in their hierarchy of deities. However, the sacrifices weren’t always burned or killed instantly. Some were drowned, some were beheaded, some were dropped from high places. They practiced cannibalism during sacrifices; they ripped the heart of their sacrifice out while he is alive and his flesh is eaten ceremoniously.

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Five Bible Topics Wrongly Understood in Popular Culture

September 21st, 2012

The holy bible is one of the most important religious resources in the whole of Christianity and Catholicism. Depending on which religion you have might be the interpretation of the bible verses. However, critics and the devoted continue to argue about the meanings of bible verses, and this has led to many unlikely interpretations . Here are five of the usual teachings that appear to be wrong from bible verses.

1. The Fruit of Eden

In the book of Genesis 2:17, the verses describe that Adam and Eve partake in the forbidden Apple of the “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil”. However, in the verse itself, it is not indicated as an Apple, but rather, a general ‘fruit’. Experts state that the misconception of Apple as the fruit of the tree is a cultural one; people used to refer to all fruit and nuts as Apples in Middle English.

2. Noah’s Ark

We all know the tale of Noah’s ark, popularized by cartoons, series and even academic textbooks. While most stories claim that the animals went in by twos, in reality, only one category of these animals entered in twos. According to Genesis 7:2-3, the clean animals entered in groups of 7; the dirty ones entered in groups of two.

3. The Immaculate Conception

Popular with most holy week and Christmas stories is the story of Immaculate conception. This is when the Christian savior Jesus Christ was conceived by his mother, Mary and the Holy Spirit. However, most gospels refer to the Immaculate Conception as Jesus being born without sin. But the true meaning of the phrase comes from the conception of Mary, who was also born without sin, and preserved by God from the Original Sin.

4. Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene was an iconic bible character who was about to be stoned, yet was spared by Jesus during the incursion of her stoning. She was a character accused of adultery, which gave the impression of a prostitute. However, in Luke 8:2, she is rarely mentioned. She only appears during the resurrection of the savior and is only known as a woman possessed by seven demons.

5. Prodigal Son

In popular culture, the prodigal son means a child of a parent coming back home after finally realizing the value of family bonds. However, the word ‘prodigal’ is usually mistaken as a word in reference to returning. Prodigal actually means to be wasteful or extravagant.

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25 Movie Scenes That You Won’t Believe Were Improvised

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25 Movie Scenes That You Won’t Believe Were Improvised

August 13th, 2012

We’ve all grown to love movies. Movies often compelled, inspired and pushed us to believe or do things that we don’t actually believe we could have done. Like many critics always say, movies reflect the general culture and belief of society. Sometimes, movies make a critique or try to change the belief of a society, as much as any literary form or art would like to do. While the Colorado shooting in Batman  is a negative connotation to this particular statement, it still proves that movies are compelling.

What is more inspiring in movies is that the actors show more emotion especially when they improvise. Did you know that good films are often made from improvised dialogues? Sometimes they even forced the directors and producers to change a large part of the script to just fit in the said statement. Here are a few magical movie moments that were off the records and came straight from the mouths of the actors themselves.

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