Understanding and Improving Corporate Culture [Infographic]

March 25th, 2015

Understanding and improving corporate culture in the office can be a very difficult scenario. However, one thing’s for sure. Corporations such as Pixar, Patagonia and Google make it a point to keep their employees happy. The employees, in turn, make the office a working space brimming with ideas and productivity. Check this infographic out and see for yourself.

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Peculiar Histories of Certain Popular Products

November 21st, 2013

Surely, you have tried one of these in your spare time. Drinking soda, eating good food, regardless of fine cuisine or fast food and even your facial or mouthwash are popular products because they’re needs. However, these things could have unique histories as listed here.

1. Olay
Today, Olay is a multi-billion brand of skin-care from Procter and Gamble, but before it had its brand name, it was known as the Oil of Olay in the United States. If you’ve lived long enough in the United States, the Oil of Olay was only a white substance for facial care in a plastic bottle. A chemist from South Africa and a copywriter and advertiser made the advertising for the product so mysterious that people didn’t know it was a moisturizer. But it had worked effectively.

2. Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper, the famous soda brand, was not created by a doctor, but a pharmacist. Charles Alderton was a pharmacist at Morrison’s Old Corner Drug Store in Texas. Like the legend behind Coca-Cola, Alderton was mixing up different flavours of fizzy substances when he did not work in the pharmacy. The fruity smell of the soda fountain tasted exactly as it smelt.

3. Listerine
Listerine is actually a development of Dr. Joseph Lawrence based on the work done by Joseph Lister on antiseptics. However, Joseph Lawrence’s work had the antiseptic work orally. Lister only discovered that carbolic acid killed germs. Lister originally planned to use the antiseptic for operations, but it is very hard on the skin. However, Joseph Lawrence developed the antiseptic as an oral mouthwash to kill germs in the mouth.

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A List of The Most Terrible Office Behaviours

May 21st, 2013

The office; a workplace for people with like objectives that team up to achieve business objectives set by their superiors for the betterment of the business. As you’re teamed up with people you’re not too familiar with, sometimes you find great friends and workmates. Sometimes, you’re not so lucky because they act in such a weird manner. Here is a list of the most terrible office behaviours of all time.

1. Racism
Any country’s government has a law against racism, but the law also states that everyone can express themselves and their interests freely. Sadly, some workmates could introduce racism in the workplace. Some try to bully you or even offend you with their statements.

2. The Career Person
Any corporation has one employee who strives every day to impress their superiors in the hopes of gaining a promotion sometime soon. Regardless if they’re doing this for a planned marriage or a stable future for their family, they are still offensive and bossy especially if you get to work with them.

3. Improper Habits
The office is similar to a community; your neighbours must respect your property as you respect theirs. However, some workmates have improper habits like spitting on the floor, chewing gum and sticking it anywhere (including your chair), littering and making coffee circles where their mug lands.

4. The Sprinter
There is that one employee who always goes late to work and eventually runs between closing elevator doors, squeezing him or herself into a crowded pack of employees and running without looking at the people they come crashing across.

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Five Important Things for Social Media Marketers

March 31st, 2013

Social media is a powerful tool for communication, building networks, meeting new people and selling a product. The free service allows for virtually infinite numbers of people increasing your products and services’ presence in the market. However, if you have a social media marketing strategy, here are five things to remember.

1. Demographics
Anybody from different walks of life and ages could follow your social media profile, but make sure your strategy focuses on your target market. Consider who will read and make use of your products and services. Once you’ve identified your demographics, you will know the schedule of posts you should make in your social media account, the language you need to use and the nature of your posts.

2. Brand
Your social profiles should portray your product or service brand. Make sure that people notice your logo clearly and the design and colors of every social media profile are comprehensive with one another. Consistency is the secret of making a good brand strategy.

3. Budgets
Most social media allow business to purchase and allow the in-house team to advertise their social media profiles, but you’ll need to set a budget for these premium services. You also need to set a budget for designs, graphics, texts, your social media team and more.

4. Objectives
Your social media accounts have an objective and that is to become a highway of information for people interested in your business. However, this is only a general objective. Businesses should divide the main objective into weekly, monthly and yearly objectives that could help the business gain more from using social media.

5. Personalize
Social media is about people wishing to know more about your products and services and sometimes, interacting with your customers is the key to building your business brand. Engage your customers and entertain them while informing them about your products as well.

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Three Common Mistakes That The Facebook Marketer Makes

January 20th, 2013

Facebook is a social media platform that is very effective, cheap and reliable for marketing companies, businesses, products and services. However, marketers may be going a little overboard with their social media profiles sometimes. If you’re a Facebook social media manage, always keep these things in mind.

1. Over Posting

Most marketers make a mistake by over-posting. Over-posting is one of the biggest reasons why most people delete a friend from their social network. People are quite annoyed when they see multiple posts or spam of statuses, product updates and promotions from a social media website. While an event-related frequency of photo updates is acceptable, relaying the same message with different words over and over is unacceptable.

2. Third Party Tools

Facebook has its own brand but it allows certain applications to update and manage it remotely. If you’re updating your company’s social media account using a third party scheduling tool, it is likely that your followers would drop you off their list. This is because some people believe the third party tool to be a virus, or finds that there is no “sincerity” with the social media update.

3. Low Interaction With Followers

Do not, ever, remove the wall-posting privileges of your followers to your page. People have lots to say about companies and if you’re making it big, your business brand will be challenged or commended by your followers and possible customers. Allow people to have discussions on your wall and interact with them regarding the topic. It is important to welcome customer opinions, give followers your attention but do not shut them out or up completely.

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