Strange But Possible Future of Social Media

March 12th, 2014

So far, the internet is the best technological development the world has. The introduction of social media and search engines allowed people to stay for hours using the internet reading information, playing games or interacting with different people in social media. However, social media will continue to develop in many different ways, and sometimes, these might be strange.

1. Personal Endorsements
The internet became an avenue for small businesses to emerge and conduct businesses while outsourcing certain services, such as manufacturing and delivery, to other small companies. As established companies make the prices of celebrities and other representatives higher, more small businesses will favour people with strong social media skills to endorse their products. Soon, each person in the world might be endorsing, or selling a product to each other.

2. No More Need for Human Interaction
Holographic technologies are almost complete, and looking further into the future, these holograms can even simulate human touch and other facilities. Social media will be there to provide these services for users. Inevitably, there will be no need for personal human interaction as everything can happen in your own home.

3. Everyone Knows Everyone Else
In a sci-fi future, social media will allow people to know everyone else. However, this will take more time and more than eons to develop. Despite such a long time, it is possible that you are friends with more than billions of people in this world.


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A List of Crazy Artists and Their Works of Art

August 14th, 2013

Art had always been about expression and artists are never the people easiest to understand. The produce of their bizarre efforts often end up with unnatural and sometimes disturbing images in their art masterpieces. Here is a list of crazy art pieces made by existing artists in the world today.

1. Piero Manzoni – The Can of Human Waste
Actually titled “Artist’s Sh*t”, Piero Manzoni died while giving satirical humor and a bizarre, funny mood to his art. The art world saw at least a hundred tin cans of excrement coming from Piero Manzoni himself. The cans of excrement, which were produced in 1968, now fetch a price of £97,250 per can on average.

2. Mark Quinn – Frozen Blood Sculptures
Every year, artist Mark Quinn creates sculptures of his head using his own frozen blood. He extracts 4.5 liters of blood from his body in the course of five months and allows the blood to freeze into a mold before he begins sculpting.

3. Helen Chadwick – Urine Flowers
White-enamelled bronze casts made from holes in the snow that Helen Chadwick urinated on is a form of art. Piss flowers, or urine flowers, her works of art, are still selling ata high price with only 12 bronze casts.

4. Andres Serano – Piss Christ
Andres Serano’s idea of urinating in a jar with a crucifix of Jesus Christ became controversial in the 1980s. Serano was accused of cheapening Christianity. However, the artist said that the art itself was the description of what Christianity had become; a commercialized system of beliefs.

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A List of The Most Terrible Office Behaviours

May 21st, 2013

The office; a workplace for people with like objectives that team up to achieve business objectives set by their superiors for the betterment of the business. As you’re teamed up with people you’re not too familiar with, sometimes you find great friends and workmates. Sometimes, you’re not so lucky because they act in such a weird manner. Here is a list of the most terrible office behaviours of all time.

1. Racism
Any country’s government has a law against racism, but the law also states that everyone can express themselves and their interests freely. Sadly, some workmates could introduce racism in the workplace. Some try to bully you or even offend you with their statements.

2. The Career Person
Any corporation has one employee who strives every day to impress their superiors in the hopes of gaining a promotion sometime soon. Regardless if they’re doing this for a planned marriage or a stable future for their family, they are still offensive and bossy especially if you get to work with them.

3. Improper Habits
The office is similar to a community; your neighbours must respect your property as you respect theirs. However, some workmates have improper habits like spitting on the floor, chewing gum and sticking it anywhere (including your chair), littering and making coffee circles where their mug lands.

4. The Sprinter
There is that one employee who always goes late to work and eventually runs between closing elevator doors, squeezing him or herself into a crowded pack of employees and running without looking at the people they come crashing across.

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Three Creepy Things to Keep You Up At Night

January 20th, 2013

If you’re a fan of thrillers or you just like all things that are creepy, then this list is just right for you. Here are three creepy topics that have rattled the world’s mystery box for decades and can surely keep you up at night. So close your lights and read on; you’re in for a great fright.

1. Freddy Jackson

Freddy Jackson was an air mechanic who was accidentally killed by a propeller two days before a military air company photograph was taken by Sir Victor Goddard. His funeral was held during the same day of Goddard’s Squadron’s picture taking. He appeared in the photograph partially behind a man. Crew members recognized his face from the photo, taken in 1919 during World War I and was published in1975.

2. Shanti Deva

Shanti Deva was a four year old child from Delhi, India who claims that she was a mother of three children, had died in childbirth living in Mathura. With a bit of research, her parents investigated and found that there is a place called Mathura and a woman named Ludgi, who Shanti Deva continually says she is, had died there. Shanti went to the place and spoke the local dialect and confirmed the facts of Ludgis life with 24 accurate statements matching in the area.

3. Overtoun Bridge

One of the scariest places in the world is the Overtoun Bridge. Located in Milton, Dumbarton, Scotland and built in 1859, the bridge was a venue for dogs who continuously commit suicide by jumping off the bridge. The incidents were recorded during the 1950’s and 60’s. Common dogs to commit suicide in the bridge were collies. Some claimed that the Overtoun Bridge is haunted, or a thin place that it was the barrier to the world of the living and the dead.

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Online No Win No Fee Claims Companies

December 29th, 2012

Many claims Companies have websites where they describe the services made available to clients would file no win no fee claims.  The clients can just browse their page of their company’s description and how they handle the said cases. A form is usually in their site where the claimant could fill up as form that will describe the details of the claim; this form will serve as your initial document of filing the complaint. Making a compensation claims online is believed to be the fastest procedure and an advantage for anyone who wanted to acquire compensation from injury inflicted by other people.

Today, it is easier to create compensation claims because of the aid of technology. There are companies offering legal services available online. With online transaction, expenses are decreased and help is made accessible. According to the law, if an individual is suffering from injuries, damages brought about by an accident that is caused by other people’s recklessness and carelessness, that individual has the right to file a complaint against the other party who made the unfortunate incident happen. The victim is given the right to demand for appropriate compensation that will suffice all his losses.

Fortunately, for individuals who decide to make accident compensation claims, they can make and file complaint online. Most companies offering help for compensation claims from injury and the likes, post the description of their services online. Clients can just browse their page of their company’s description and how they handle the said cases. A form is usually in their site where the claimant could fill up as form that will describe the details of the claim; this form will serve as your initial document of filing the complaint.


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Some Creepy Wikipedia Articles That Could Give You Chills

October 17th, 2012

Wikipedia is a rich source of information for the common netizen and primarily where most people get first-hand information for Internet “flaming” and preview studies. However, Wikipedia plays host not only to the knowledgeable, but also for people trying to find entertainment or curiosities from the simple whims to the actually gratuitous ones. Here are a few creepy articles you can find about in Wikipedia.

1. Roanoke Colony

As mysterious as the Bermuda Triangle incidents, the Roanoke colony, an English-led expedition in the name of gaining resources and spreading religion and belief throughout the world, is one of the early mysteries in the world today. It starts with the story of colonists settling in modern day United States and establishing a seemingly-untouchable fortress, which, suddenly disappeared without any trace. It was claimed not to be destroyed as remnants would have remained, but it suddenly vanished without a trace.

2. Tanganyika Laughter Epidemic

In the Tanganyika village of South Africa, a laughter epidemic spread all around the village, which began with students finding it difficult to control their laughter. Soon, the laughter epidemic spread throughout the entire village. It is often called mass hysteria by sociologist. The incidents spread across other villages, with people unable to control bursts of laughter at certain points. It took at least half a year to finally end the mass hysteric epidemic.

3. Unit 731

Unit 731 is probably the most controversial war atrocity committed by the Japanese against the Chinese during World War II. The Japanese Unit used a formerly medical institution in the country to perform experiments on biological and chemical warfare researchers using prisoners of war and Kempei Tai-declared “enemies of the state”. Some experiments including live dissection, chemical experiments on humans and other torturous pursuits to science.

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