Dating: Talking To Men

July 23rd, 2015

I have to admit that plenty of dating advice websites advice men on how to talk to women. It’s probably because it’s truthfully difficult to talk to women depending on the subject manner, context of place and their perception of you.

But it can be difficult for women to talk to men too. Most men have some topics that could be sensitive for them. Sometimes, men wouldn’t be too interested and will even try to step out of a date when they can.

So how do you manage such a situation? Here are four things that you need to know.

  1. Don’t Go Talking About Yourself And Your Girl Friends

Men are interested in your life, that’s a given. Men want to be part of your life, that’s also a given. But men don’t want to hear every adventure you’ve had with your best friends, or your personal adventures in particular.

Men want to talk about something they can relate to. It could be your favourite movie, a moment in a sitcom that you just couldn’t get over with. It’s all about not talking about yourself all the time.

  1. Let Them Brag… a bit

Allow men to talk about themselves, their accomplishments and their hobbies. Men love talking about something that is important to them. If you tease them a bit, things can get less tense and more comfortable.

  1. Talk Funny

After teasing them about themselves, you could try and talk funny. Assess what’s on their minds. Play a short game that will end up in laughs.

Remember, you often remember many things when you’re happy and having fun, so why not start here?

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