Three Reasons Why Girls Won’t Follow Through After a First Date

November 27th, 2014

After your first date with a very potential life partner, you think you had it all figured out. Then it turns out she was just being polite to you the entire night and didn’t really think you were long-term or marriage material. You might think you haven’t done anything wrong, but it is highly likely you did. Here are three reasons why girls won’t follow through on a first date.

  1. Too Nice

Maybe you were a bit too nice. While women expect you to be gallant and gentlemanly during a date, they’d like to see a man who knows his wants and needs, and has control. If these three things aren’t evident, especially with you being too nice to your woman, then you’re making a doormat out of yourself, and women don’t like that too much.

  1. Too Brash

Of course, women like the gentleman, responsible type. They like being treated with respect. Being too brash with your bad boy attitude isn’t helping. It only makes you look obnoxious and undesirable. Despite your good looks, your personality will always reign favour with women’s desires.

  1. Too Talkative

Women like a man who has something to say, but not a man who has a lot to say. Being too talkative isn’t attractive to women. If it has humour added, you might stand a chance. But if you’re only talking about current events (which you shouldn’t as this is a date) or about yourself, you’ve just missed your mark.

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