Can Darker Personalities Help You? Number Three Possibly Can

July 17th, 2014

A dark personality is a negative trait in you, possibly depressive, short-tempered, narcissistic or even psychotic. However, despite their social connotation of negativity, they can actually help you learn life’s lessons easier and apply them into real life. Here are some of them.

1. Narcissism Inspires Passion
People believe in you because you are beautiful. You believe in yourself because you are beautiful. Your power to believe in your capability is the motivation people need to see their own beauty. When surrounded by people who believe in themselves, a team of such could achieve many great things.

2. Psychotics Do Not Look Back
Serial killers and murderers, while claiming lives without considering their actions, show little to no remorse for their actions. While it is improper to justify that killing and doing everything without a second thought is important, people could respect the resilience of these individuals. Psychotics never regret anything and are not burdened by emotional weight, which is a key factor in improving your person.

3. Depression Makes You Realistic
Depressive people see the negative side of things in life, and its importance for the normal person is that they learn to accept the realities of a situation. When depressed, people realise their own suffering, but in the process, they also improve the quality of accomplishments and success they could get because of the value they put in overcoming the difficult reality of different situations.

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