Some Unique Things About Health and Diet

May 19th, 2014

Keeping on a diet and good exercise helps lengthen your life and gives you more strength to face the day, whether it is a physical or mental challenge. But there are some unique things about fitness and the nutrition you get that you might want to know.

1. Drying Fruit
The next time you want to eat a fruit, avoid eating dried ones, either naturally or processed, because they have no nutrients whatsoever. You might even get in trouble with your diet because of their added preservatives. If they were naturally dried, consume them, but do not expect the same vitamin and antioxidant content.

2. Green Tea and Citrus
Green tea definitely has very positive effects on the human body, but adding citrus on green tea helps stabilize its Catechin content, which helps boost your antioxidant levels that it can survive significantly more than the lifespan of an average enzyme.

3. Clear Urine
If you are getting clear urine at least once or twice a day, you’re in the safe zone for hydration. It is not true that you need eight glasses of water because you also receive hydration from the food you eat. So make sure you see clear urine the next time you pee.

4. Detoxifiers
Detoxifiers claim to clean your body, and juices designed for this purpose are not always helpful. Most of them lack the protein your body needs. Protein helps your metabolism and helps you feeling full. Detoxifiers are useful, but always ensure you have a balanced diet.


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