What Emotions Would Be Like In the Future

April 14th, 2014

This previous article discussed about how the internet, particularly social media, would evolve and play a great role in the future of technology and humanity. In that light, the world might also be looking at a pretty different future because of the changes in human interaction. Today’s emotions could be evoked digitally through emoticons and the like, but what would human emotions be like in the future should the internet’s supposed future take place?

1. Not So Real
Personal human interaction only allows you one chance to make an impression, which means that you have a limited time to say something that could make someone feel better, or worse, depending on their moods. In social media, you could leave a person waiting to receive your message, and you could think up of ways to impress them with good language, which you might also learn through the internet.

2. Entertaining
While the wide use of social media will leave text and video calls as the basis for speech, it would be entertaining for many people to think that all they read in social media is genuine. This is true today; many people are easily attracted to people who could talk well and prepare themselves for electronic chat. However, because it is the internet, nobody really takes the emotions very seriously.

3. Redefinition
The internet has changed the way people get over their past relationships. It has terribly prolonged the anguish of most people, and it had driven some people to claim their lives because of severe depression. The internet is a source of information, sometimes, information that you do not really want to see.

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