Strange But Possible Future of Social Media

March 12th, 2014

So far, the internet is the best technological development the world has. The introduction of social media and search engines allowed people to stay for hours using the internet reading information, playing games or interacting with different people in social media. However, social media will continue to develop in many different ways, and sometimes, these might be strange.

1. Personal Endorsements
The internet became an avenue for small businesses to emerge and conduct businesses while outsourcing certain services, such as manufacturing and delivery, to other small companies. As established companies make the prices of celebrities and other representatives higher, more small businesses will favour people with strong social media skills to endorse their products. Soon, each person in the world might be endorsing, or selling a product to each other.

2. No More Need for Human Interaction
Holographic technologies are almost complete, and looking further into the future, these holograms can even simulate human touch and other facilities. Social media will be there to provide these services for users. Inevitably, there will be no need for personal human interaction as everything can happen in your own home.

3. Everyone Knows Everyone Else
In a sci-fi future, social media will allow people to know everyone else. However, this will take more time and more than eons to develop. Despite such a long time, it is possible that you are friends with more than billions of people in this world.


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