Values, Compensation Claims, the Internet and You

February 19th, 2014

We can all agree that the law is a set of values and these values glue society together. It allows people not to trample on the freedoms of other people and those who deserve recompense for other people who overstep their bounds are given their due. However, UK’s legal system seems to only work for those who can manipulate the system.

When you want to manipulate a system, every component holds value and these values and the knowledge of these values makes them easy to manipulate with the right motivators. These create loopholes in laws that allows individuals, groups or companies to use them to their advantage.

For example, in a no win no fee claim a party could claim they have emotional damages. If they can pay the medical professional to create a report indicating possible emotional troubles due to an accident, then it all goes by the law. The hard part is that being a medical professional, nobody can disprove the medical professional’s claims.

The internet is also a way to abuse the legal system. Captured videos of accidents could be uploaded and made viral. One can easily edit videos, or even simulate entire accidents to get compensation. Sure, a car could be quite costly, but if people pull it off right, it can serve as evidence that gives them a reason to claim compensation for minor injuries and car repairs.

This is why the legal system in the UK, while having great benefits, is prone to abuse. With technological advancements and elaborate schemes, people who deserve the compensation they deserve end up getting nothing at all.

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Three Reasons Why The World is Heading for a Total Surveillance State

February 7th, 2014

The scare that Edward Snowden brought to the world by revealing the NSA’s surveillance activities increased the awareness that the world may be heading for a surveillance state. The sad reality is that this is true, and there is no stopping it. Even if Snowden did not reveal the NSA’s activities, the world is bound for surveillance because:

1. Social Media
Social media stretches from social networking and even into this blog, search engines and other internet services. With social media increasingly helping people know more about the people they just met as their acquaintance, find out the best restaurants or movie spots in town based on their preferences and reviews about services, information gets stored somewhere. If the government can’t access it, the companies can, and they can use the information to further control you by appeasement.

2. Addiction to Technology
The internet’s easier methods of access through mobile internet services allows people to check up on their social media accounts and use cameras to identify themselves for certain services. These cameras help companies identify you and your identity. However, people cannot get enough of taking pictures of themselves, so it makes agencies find you just by using Google.

3. Popularity
The internet had allowed many new stars to have flourishing careers made of fame and talent. The term “15 minutes of fame” is now long gone because you could record yourself for an average of 10 minutes doing something, sometimes even more. A person’s recorded videos could be accessed for reference to their location and their activities at home.

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