FOS Chief Natalie Ceeney Resigns This Week After Millionth PPI Complaint

November 21st, 2013

Following the Financial Ombudsman’s receipt of its one millionth PPI claim, four-year Chief Ombudsman Natalie Ceeney had resigned from her position. According to Nicholas Montagu, Chairman of the Financial Ombudsman, Ceeney felt that it was time to move on from the Financial Ombudsman and into a new career.

Deputy Chief Ombudsman Tony Boorman will replace her position indefinitely as the Chief of the office.

Natalie Ceeney said that she enjoyed her time working in the Financial Ombudsman and while her reasons for leaving are personal, she is very proud of the social and economic changes the FOS had brought to helping UK consumers and banks ensure their healthy relationship.

Ceeney had spent her last four years in the Financial Ombudsman dealing with the peak of mis sold PPI claims. The Financial Ombudsman had received a total of 210,000 PPI complaints in the last half of 2012, which was overtaken by the previous half of 2013, garnering a total of 265,000 complaints.

PPI is designed to repay loans, mortgages and credit cards, but because of the mis selling performed by banks due to improper incentives to increase work volume, many ineligible consumers had an insurance they did not need. On average, a consumer could reclaim £3000-3500 from a single PPI refund.

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Peculiar Histories of Certain Popular Products

November 21st, 2013

Surely, you have tried one of these in your spare time. Drinking soda, eating good food, regardless of fine cuisine or fast food and even your facial or mouthwash are popular products because they’re needs. However, these things could have unique histories as listed here.

1. Olay
Today, Olay is a multi-billion brand of skin-care from Procter and Gamble, but before it had its brand name, it was known as the Oil of Olay in the United States. If you’ve lived long enough in the United States, the Oil of Olay was only a white substance for facial care in a plastic bottle. A chemist from South Africa and a copywriter and advertiser made the advertising for the product so mysterious that people didn’t know it was a moisturizer. But it had worked effectively.

2. Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper, the famous soda brand, was not created by a doctor, but a pharmacist. Charles Alderton was a pharmacist at Morrison’s Old Corner Drug Store in Texas. Like the legend behind Coca-Cola, Alderton was mixing up different flavours of fizzy substances when he did not work in the pharmacy. The fruity smell of the soda fountain tasted exactly as it smelt.

3. Listerine
Listerine is actually a development of Dr. Joseph Lawrence based on the work done by Joseph Lister on antiseptics. However, Joseph Lawrence’s work had the antiseptic work orally. Lister only discovered that carbolic acid killed germs. Lister originally planned to use the antiseptic for operations, but it is very hard on the skin. However, Joseph Lawrence developed the antiseptic as an oral mouthwash to kill germs in the mouth.

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Crazy Conspiracy Theories You Might Actually Find Interesting

November 1st, 2013

Movie conspiracy theories give you some thought about the current human condition and who’s taking advantage of whom. However, cinematic conspiracy theories do exist in the real world and some of them are very, very crazy.

1. Hollywood Killers
Randy Quaid said that an organisation of serial killers are out to kill Hollywood stars. Quaid said that these “Star Whackers” have already killed several renowned Hollywood stars such as Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger and Chris Penn. They both believe they might be next. However, the crazy part is that Randy Quaid was never a star and this conspiracy might be an excuse to avoid paying compensation for certain damages they caused.

2. Nazi Spy
Errol Flynn was famous for being Robin Hood in The Adventures of Robin Hood and because of his promiscuous lifestyle. He was also naturalised into America from Australia. A biographer, Charles Higham, questioned his patriotism, claimed that Flynn was a Nazi agent, and used the friendship of Flynn towards Hermann Erben as Proof. Because of this, Franklin Roosevelt refused the aid of Flynn from his connections in Ireland because of the rumours.

3. Disney Conspiracies
Snow White, a remarkable Disney classic, became the center of great conspiracies regarding teaching children about cocaine. The theory is supported by the fact that Snow White is actually a moniker for cocaine and the Seven Dwarfs’ names were references to the stages of addiction. From Happy to Bashful, the last dwarf, Doc, is the last person they need to see.

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