Subconscious Ways the Media Influences Views on Women

September 27th, 2013

Mass media has always been a powerful source of information and entertainment. As the lines blur between the two especially with the dawn of the Internet, it becomes apparent that subliminal messages could be felt but not distinguished by the common audience. Media influences you, especially on your views about women.

1. Men are Owed a Media-Fabricated Image of a Woman
As weird as it sounds, mass media exposes a lot of adult-aged women just out of their teen years to dress scantily and prance around different shows, series and movies. These women look amazing and beautiful and anybody who’s a lead actor is a man who deserves such a woman. Now that you read this men, don’t you think you are owed a woman as such too?

2. Sex Objects
Feminists in the early ages fought against men’s views about women treated as sex objects. This led to people looking down on prostitution with the support of different religions. However, the media, just like the example in number one, shows you a woman could be a decoration and the more it repeats, the more you view that women are decorations rather than humans.

3. Sexual Conspiration
Men often justify that the male libido is separate from their emotions and their ideals. Science proves such as well. This is why most females who wear very revealing clothing are blamed for sexual urges. You often find these in comic moments in movies or sitcoms.

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