Really Weird Websites That Exist in the Internet

August 30th, 2013

The Internet is a giant highway of information anybody with an Internet access could explore. It could give you useful information, entertain you and allow you to discover something new. Sometimes, discoveries are not all you think they are supposed to be. Here are a few really weird websites that exist in the Internet.

1. actually does what its URL said it does; it features a photograph of a group of people pointing at something and their hands follow your mouse pointer. So why would a group of people or the website designer want that? Go figure.

If you are interested in seeing how many passenger airbuses fly from one airport to another in a single day, then head to The website features a real-time updating Flash that shows every airplane flying in the world today. You could even see its destination and trajectory.

For $5 for every word you write, your telegram could be delivered to people that have passed away. If it is true that their terminally ill volunteers who are about to pass away really memorize the telegrams you send, this is by far the weirdest website and service in the Internet today. However, what you pay is donated to the family of those who are terminally ill.

What makes this website special is that it features a service that will have users hypnotized by professionals and even provide memory implants to give clients an out-of-this-world alien abduction experience. Crazy indeed.

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A List of Crazy Artists and Their Works of Art

August 14th, 2013

Art had always been about expression and artists are never the people easiest to understand. The produce of their bizarre efforts often end up with unnatural and sometimes disturbing images in their art masterpieces. Here is a list of crazy art pieces made by existing artists in the world today.

1. Piero Manzoni – The Can of Human Waste
Actually titled “Artist’s Sh*t”, Piero Manzoni died while giving satirical humor and a bizarre, funny mood to his art. The art world saw at least a hundred tin cans of excrement coming from Piero Manzoni himself. The cans of excrement, which were produced in 1968, now fetch a price of £97,250 per can on average.

2. Mark Quinn – Frozen Blood Sculptures
Every year, artist Mark Quinn creates sculptures of his head using his own frozen blood. He extracts 4.5 liters of blood from his body in the course of five months and allows the blood to freeze into a mold before he begins sculpting.

3. Helen Chadwick – Urine Flowers
White-enamelled bronze casts made from holes in the snow that Helen Chadwick urinated on is a form of art. Piss flowers, or urine flowers, her works of art, are still selling ata high price with only 12 bronze casts.

4. Andres Serano – Piss Christ
Andres Serano’s idea of urinating in a jar with a crucifix of Jesus Christ became controversial in the 1980s. Serano was accused of cheapening Christianity. However, the artist said that the art itself was the description of what Christianity had become; a commercialized system of beliefs.

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