Gaming: A List of Things That Destroy FPS Games

June 27th, 2013

First-Person shooter gaming (FPS) is one of the most enjoyable kinds of games that is both exhilarating and very intelligent. It has evolved from the first-ever FPS Doom in the 90s and into something more with different elements to date. However, FPS gaming has its own bad sides. Here is a list of things that actually spoil these wonderful games.

1. Gamer Attitudes
People play games because they want to be entertained, but many gamers in the genre love to launch verbal attacks on other players. Many act tough behind a computer screen spouting curses at some players. While friendly players exist, competitive players may also turn-off many first time gamers.

2. Hackers
Hackers will always be present in any game genre especially when it is online and multiplayer. These will often cheat and break codes in the game to give them an up against their opponents, taking the fun factor out of the FPS gaming genre.

3. Moderators
Game servers have their moderators and these moderators provide the rules and ban the hackers of games. Most moderators have auto-kick functions in most servers. However, many moderators are lazy; they often let the bad apples into the box without any question. While there are many good game moderators, some do a real bad job.

4. Server Crashes
Gaming servers can crash at any time and can be frustrating for a new player. Some of them may even crash at the crucial points of a game. This can be a great turn off for some players who are looking to increase their level with such a match only to have it ended by a server crash.

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