A List of The Most Terrible Office Behaviours

May 21st, 2013

The office; a workplace for people with like objectives that team up to achieve business objectives set by their superiors for the betterment of the business. As you’re teamed up with people you’re not too familiar with, sometimes you find great friends and workmates. Sometimes, you’re not so lucky because they act in such a weird manner. Here is a list of the most terrible office behaviours of all time.

1. Racism
Any country’s government has a law against racism, but the law also states that everyone can express themselves and their interests freely. Sadly, some workmates could introduce racism in the workplace. Some try to bully you or even offend you with their statements.

2. The Career Person
Any corporation has one employee who strives every day to impress their superiors in the hopes of gaining a promotion sometime soon. Regardless if they’re doing this for a planned marriage or a stable future for their family, they are still offensive and bossy especially if you get to work with them.

3. Improper Habits
The office is similar to a community; your neighbours must respect your property as you respect theirs. However, some workmates have improper habits like spitting on the floor, chewing gum and sticking it anywhere (including your chair), littering and making coffee circles where their mug lands.

4. The Sprinter
There is that one employee who always goes late to work and eventually runs between closing elevator doors, squeezing him or herself into a crowded pack of employees and running without looking at the people they come crashing across.

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PPI Claims Show Slight Decline

May 18th, 2013

While the payment protection insurance (PPI) saga is still very much in the public eye the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has reported a fall in claims over the second half of 2012. Around 2.1million claims were made during the period, a small drop from the 2.2million reported in the first half of the year. However, such statistics may be misleading as both are higher than figuresreported for 2011.

Deadline Talks

PPI has become a hot topic in the consumer finance sector and is just one of the many problems experienced in recent years by the UK banking industry. Further interesting reports suggest that almost two thirds of all complaints about banks and financial institutions are concerned with PPI. The banks are now pushing for a deadline to be introduced – of April 2014 – by which all complaints must be filed. The authorities have not yet agreed to such a move, but are known to be considering their options. Some banks fear that the imposition of such a deadline would lead only to an influx of further claims from those who have not decided to claim.

It is estimated that PPI compensation will total some £15billion by the time all claims have been settled, a figure that has had a serious effect on the banking industries profit and loss accounts. The current average payment to claimants is around £3000. Many claimants have been using an online PPI calculator to find out how much they may be owed, and these can be very helpful if someone is not sure whether or not they can claim.

Public Losing Confidence

It is safe to say that, deadline or not, the extra publicity that the subject of PPI claims has received thanks to the banks being told they must pay up will lead to more people putting in claims for compensation for mis sold policies, and this can only be a good thing for the consumer. With banks setting aside billions of pounds to cover the cost of repayment there are plenty more claims to be settled, and the scandal has left the public even less confident in the safety and honesty of the banks in the UK.

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