Five Important Things for Social Media Marketers

March 31st, 2013

Social media is a powerful tool for communication, building networks, meeting new people and selling a product. The free service allows for virtually infinite numbers of people increasing your products and services’ presence in the market. However, if you have a social media marketing strategy, here are five things to remember.

1. Demographics
Anybody from different walks of life and ages could follow your social media profile, but make sure your strategy focuses on your target market. Consider who will read and make use of your products and services. Once you’ve identified your demographics, you will know the schedule of posts you should make in your social media account, the language you need to use and the nature of your posts.

2. Brand
Your social profiles should portray your product or service brand. Make sure that people notice your logo clearly and the design and colors of every social media profile are comprehensive with one another. Consistency is the secret of making a good brand strategy.

3. Budgets
Most social media allow business to purchase and allow the in-house team to advertise their social media profiles, but you’ll need to set a budget for these premium services. You also need to set a budget for designs, graphics, texts, your social media team and more.

4. Objectives
Your social media accounts have an objective and that is to become a highway of information for people interested in your business. However, this is only a general objective. Businesses should divide the main objective into weekly, monthly and yearly objectives that could help the business gain more from using social media.

5. Personalize
Social media is about people wishing to know more about your products and services and sometimes, interacting with your customers is the key to building your business brand. Engage your customers and entertain them while informing them about your products as well.

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The Basics of Making a Compensation Claim

March 11th, 2013

A victim makes a compensation claim to receive compensation for the injuries and other losses an offender caused through an accident. It is not difficult to make a compensation claim, but it takes a bit of effort to collect the right evidences needed as victims have the burden of proof. Here are a few things to remember.


1. Get a Compensation Solicitor or Personal Injury Lawyer
In certain countries, a small injury goes a long way, both in consequence and in compensation. If you had a simple injury yet you suffered great consequences because of it, you must get a compensation claim solicitor or personal injury lawyer to help you. Their knowledge and experience in personal injury will help make your claim faster.

2. Evidences
After your accident, have yourself a medical check-up from a medical professional or hospital. The medical professional can indicate the type of pain or suffering that you are experiencing and the prognosis of your injury’s future. These include the symptoms you could suffer in the future, the injury’s permanent effects, the medical operations and prescriptions needed etc.

To prove that another party injured you, you’ll need at least a footage of how the accident happened or a police/authority report about the circumstance. Witness statements are also effective in proving your offender’s liabilities.

3. Miscellaneous Damages
Aside from your medical and financial losses because of the accident, you have the right to claim for miscellaneous damages, which includes loss of consortium, disadvantage on the open labour market, emotional trauma, psychological damages and etc. However, these would be difficult if your medical professional does not indicate the possible damages to your career or lifestyle and without the help of a compensation claims solicitor or personal injury lawyer.

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