Common Mistakes in Filing PPI Claims

January 22nd, 2013

Experts see that payment protection insurance is the biggest financial scandal the United Kingdom has faced since the pensions scandal but all UK citizens have the right to file a PPI claim to claim their repayments. However, claimants need to be extra careful when processing their PPI claims ; most PPI claims are rejected by banks even if they are valid and if the Financial Ombudsman can’t help you, you are wasting precious time. Here are the common mistakes that most claimants make with their claims.

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1. Not Everyone Has a Problem With It
Some customers want to make a claim for their payment protection insurance policy not knowing if they are or are not eligible for the insurance at all. In all cases, virtually everyone in the UK with a loan, mortgage or credit card were mis sold PPI, but there is a slim chance that you are eligible for the insurance. It is advised that you look through the terms and conditions of the contract and if it applies to you.

2. Filing In the Wrong Channels
Some people file their PPI claims directly to the Financial Ombudsman, which is a proper channel, however, experts advise that claimants claim directly from the bank first. It would be faster if the bank actually verifies the claim’s validity and details first before filing with the Financial Ombudsman. Even if banks reject even valid claims and 7 out of 10 claims coming in the FOS are valid, it would be best to alert them that you’ve made your claim and were rejected even if it was valid.

3. Missing Some Requirements
A PPI claims form is an important part of your claim and this should be the first thing that you fulfil before making a claim. Banks can easily reject a simple letter of claiming complete with evidences, but an FOS claims form with a serial number banks cannot easily ignore. If you pass your PPI claim form to the banks first before the FOS, you have a great chance of success.

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Three Common Mistakes That The Facebook Marketer Makes

January 20th, 2013

Facebook is a social media platform that is very effective, cheap and reliable for marketing companies, businesses, products and services. However, marketers may be going a little overboard with their social media profiles sometimes. If you’re a Facebook social media manage, always keep these things in mind.

1. Over Posting

Most marketers make a mistake by over-posting. Over-posting is one of the biggest reasons why most people delete a friend from their social network. People are quite annoyed when they see multiple posts or spam of statuses, product updates and promotions from a social media website. While an event-related frequency of photo updates is acceptable, relaying the same message with different words over and over is unacceptable.

2. Third Party Tools

Facebook has its own brand but it allows certain applications to update and manage it remotely. If you’re updating your company’s social media account using a third party scheduling tool, it is likely that your followers would drop you off their list. This is because some people believe the third party tool to be a virus, or finds that there is no “sincerity” with the social media update.

3. Low Interaction With Followers

Do not, ever, remove the wall-posting privileges of your followers to your page. People have lots to say about companies and if you’re making it big, your business brand will be challenged or commended by your followers and possible customers. Allow people to have discussions on your wall and interact with them regarding the topic. It is important to welcome customer opinions, give followers your attention but do not shut them out or up completely.

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No Win No Fee Claims: To Hire a Claims Expert or No?

January 20th, 2013

You might think that hiring a no win no fee claims solicitor is actually expensive, but, no, it isn’t. Claims management companies offer customers a no win no fee basis of service; this means that customers do not have any responsibility to pay for their legal fees if the case is lost. So would you consider hiring a solicitor? Here are some other advantages.

Claims experts are professionals you could depend on knowing the legal premises of your compensation claim. A personal injury claim could cause small trouble for victims especially if insurance companies continue to reiterate the limits of their responsibility. A claims expert’s legal knowledge comes in handy by considering all details to ensure complete compensation.

You actually do not have to do anything at all to get your compensation. The claims expert will be the one to manage your entire claim, paperwork, analysis and all the compensation you could get. You are guaranteed they are doing their best, given that they do not receive anything upon failing your claim. See to find out more about this.

However, you need to ensure you could trust your no win no fee claims expert with confidential information regarding your compensation claim. They are not miracle workers. By presenting your medical data, insurance company data and other evidences to prove your no win no fee claim is viable, then you can help them work faster for you as well.

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Four Quirks That Could Make a Person Attractive

January 20th, 2013

Sometimes, a good joke or a witty banter can put a smile on your face. Sometimes, it’s those slanting eyes or facial shape that makes you attractive to another person’s eyes. Every person looks for something unique in another person. Here are four common quirks that people find attractive in people they date.

1. Imperfect Teeth

No matter how much mainstream media upholds the value of hyper-reality in their toothpaste commercials, people will always settle for the things they see on a daily basis. Some people find butterfly-toothed or crooked-toothed people attractive for some reason. It might be because it gives them character or because it fits the person very well.

2. Roundness/Fat/Chubbiness

Certain people are also attracted to those who have added weight. While obese couples do exist, people who have a plus on size for their clothes are found attractive by some males or females. It might be because they possess a quality different from those of the fit and lean type of people, such as intelligence, character and sarcasm.

3. Accent

Speaking properly is an important asset for most people as it helps them do business, but also it helps them find love in the right places. Your speaking accent depends on the part of the world you belong in and the way you speak, if it has character, can make you attractive to another person. Just do it naturally; accent can be a major turn off if you continue to pretend.

4. Height

Some males prefer taller women, some women prefer taller men, and vice versa. Height can make a person attractive. While it might basically suggest symbolic dominance, people might like it when taller women look at them or women like it when men are shorter than them.

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Three Creepy Things to Keep You Up At Night

January 20th, 2013

If you’re a fan of thrillers or you just like all things that are creepy, then this list is just right for you. Here are three creepy topics that have rattled the world’s mystery box for decades and can surely keep you up at night. So close your lights and read on; you’re in for a great fright.

1. Freddy Jackson

Freddy Jackson was an air mechanic who was accidentally killed by a propeller two days before a military air company photograph was taken by Sir Victor Goddard. His funeral was held during the same day of Goddard’s Squadron’s picture taking. He appeared in the photograph partially behind a man. Crew members recognized his face from the photo, taken in 1919 during World War I and was published in1975.

2. Shanti Deva

Shanti Deva was a four year old child from Delhi, India who claims that she was a mother of three children, had died in childbirth living in Mathura. With a bit of research, her parents investigated and found that there is a place called Mathura and a woman named Ludgi, who Shanti Deva continually says she is, had died there. Shanti went to the place and spoke the local dialect and confirmed the facts of Ludgis life with 24 accurate statements matching in the area.

3. Overtoun Bridge

One of the scariest places in the world is the Overtoun Bridge. Located in Milton, Dumbarton, Scotland and built in 1859, the bridge was a venue for dogs who continuously commit suicide by jumping off the bridge. The incidents were recorded during the 1950’s and 60’s. Common dogs to commit suicide in the bridge were collies. Some claimed that the Overtoun Bridge is haunted, or a thin place that it was the barrier to the world of the living and the dead.

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Three Tips To Having a Good Night’s Rest

January 10th, 2013

Sleep is when the body recharges its energy to be used for the next day and is the time when the body makes its necessary repairs by making use of reserved energy to fix certain conditions. When one has enough rest, one is energized, but with all the hectic schedule life gives a normal person, having a good night’s rest is quite difficult. Here are some ways to ensure you get a good night’s rest.

1. Sleep Only at Night

Keep schedule of your sleeping habits. As much as you can, avoid sleeping way past 12 AM. The human body is more comfortable sleeping without any lights, and napping during the daylight hours can steal away hours from having a good night’s sleep. Recharging your body during the day, the reserved energy is brought out during the night, leaving you feeling tired even when sleeping the hours off the night schedule.

2. Take a Hot Shower

Showers with enough heat to relax tense muscles help make you get comfortable as you get to the bed. Tense muscles often sleep earlier than your mind, which may feel discomforting for many people and may lead to headaches in the morning due to misplaced adrenaline.

3. Avoid Stimulants

Coffee before sleeping can make you feel tired but energized before you sleep, which makes it difficult to sleep with and you could have headaches in the next day. Avoid eating before you sleep. Eat something 2 hours before sleeping to ensure that the food is digested, or else you may suffer diarrhea. Ensure that you are also sleeping in a silent room and without any distractions.

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