Reading Effectively: Some of the Ways To Do This Well

November 14th, 2012

Reading is a basic educational skill that we all pick up on as kids. If we did not read, our superiors, even our parents, can get mad at us and force us to read for our next day’s lessons. However, you may find yourself having a dyslexia with reading and finding it impossible to do speed reading. Here are some ways that I discovered in helping you read as effectively as possible.

1. The Light

One of the things that actually hinder your reading capacities is the lighting. Either reading on the computer or on an actual book or paper, you will need proper lighting to sort this out. Adjust the back light of your computer monitor and set it to the lowest, especially when reading with a lighter background than your colors. You could also reverse the contrast of your computer (shift+alt+printscreen on Windows) to help you read properly. With paper, ensure that all the characters are readable, not blurred, and the background is lit properly and is not too vibrant.

2. Focus Yourself

The Internet can actually make a person easily distracted with the many information and entertainment options available. But if you really want to focus yourself, it is essential that you close all windows that you do not need for your reading. You can never imagine a book’s scenario completely without immersing yourself to it completely. Light music can help accompany you in the process as well.

3. Make the Topic Interesting

Surely, you might be reading for your thesis, school paper or work. If you want to continue reading the article or book passage you need to accomplish, play a game with yourself. Create questions out of the answers the book presents to you. In this way, you could easily remember such details from books easily. Making the topic interesting helps your brain accept the information more jovially, which it would save and make useful where you need them.

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