Five Bible Topics Wrongly Understood in Popular Culture

September 21st, 2012

The holy bible is one of the most important religious resources in the whole of Christianity and Catholicism. Depending on which religion you have might be the interpretation of the bible verses. However, critics and the devoted continue to argue about the meanings of bible verses, and this has led to many unlikely interpretations . Here are five of the usual teachings that appear to be wrong from bible verses.

1. The Fruit of Eden

In the book of Genesis 2:17, the verses describe that Adam and Eve partake in the forbidden Apple of the “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil”. However, in the verse itself, it is not indicated as an Apple, but rather, a general ‘fruit’. Experts state that the misconception of Apple as the fruit of the tree is a cultural one; people used to refer to all fruit and nuts as Apples in Middle English.

2. Noah’s Ark

We all know the tale of Noah’s ark, popularized by cartoons, series and even academic textbooks. While most stories claim that the animals went in by twos, in reality, only one category of these animals entered in twos. According to Genesis 7:2-3, the clean animals entered in groups of 7; the dirty ones entered in groups of two.

3. The Immaculate Conception

Popular with most holy week and Christmas stories is the story of Immaculate conception. This is when the Christian savior Jesus Christ was conceived by his mother, Mary and the Holy Spirit. However, most gospels refer to the Immaculate Conception as Jesus being born without sin. But the true meaning of the phrase comes from the conception of Mary, who was also born without sin, and preserved by God from the Original Sin.

4. Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene was an iconic bible character who was about to be stoned, yet was spared by Jesus during the incursion of her stoning. She was a character accused of adultery, which gave the impression of a prostitute. However, in Luke 8:2, she is rarely mentioned. She only appears during the resurrection of the savior and is only known as a woman possessed by seven demons.

5. Prodigal Son

In popular culture, the prodigal son means a child of a parent coming back home after finally realizing the value of family bonds. However, the word ‘prodigal’ is usually mistaken as a word in reference to returning. Prodigal actually means to be wasteful or extravagant.

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The Five Effects of Apple’s Win Over Samsung

September 7th, 2012

If you haven’t heard, the case between Apple Vs. Samsung with regards to patent laws and property protection has finally reached an end point. Apple has won against Samsung. Analysts state that either way, things can go with damages whichever side wins. However, with the court’s ruling, consumers are the ones plagued by the decision. Here are a few effects of Apple’s legal victory against Samsung

1. Going After Other Manufacturers

Other smart phone manufacturing companies and designers will likely be the next targets of Apple. Most smart phones have derived their designs from the iPad and iPhone systems as touch screen technology makes full use of finger gestures.

2. Failing Product Support from Samsung

Owners of the 8 to-be banned smart phone models from Samsung may be in danger. With the products phased out, product support for the models may be in jeopardy. Unless Samsung purchases patent rights from Apple, the phone owners might need to re-sell the products, or at least make use of them as regular devices.

3. A Monopoly

Apple may well end up owning the mobile computing market in the United States. Unless some other computer manufacturer decides to rival the touchscreen technologies of the iPad and iPhone models, they will need to find ways to work around the interfaces. But until then, we’re stuck with the iPad.

4. Extensive Product Hacks

More and more hacks for iPhones and iPads will continue. Some of these hacks are shared by Samsung and other smart phone models. But then, more and more “jailbreak hacks” and other ways to pirate applications and software will kill the Apple market. Without a good alternative to Apple products, people can re-sell and rewire the entire device.

5. Stricter Patent Regulation

The good thing that comes from the recent Samsung Vs. Apple legal case is that patents are still well protected in the country. However, this means that there will also be stricter observations when it comes to new products. This ensures that any innovation in the future will be well protected.

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