Unlikely Things That Weight 1,000 Pounds

July 30th, 2012

Heavyweights and other things aside, there are many things that weigh 1,000 pounds. However, the catch is that these things aren’t supposed to weigh 1,000 pounds. While some of the items in this list might prove to be 1,000, some of them will surprise you. Really, surprises are the best things in life, as long as you aren’t the one weighing 1,000 pounds of course.

1. Butter Sculptures

There are artists in the Pennsylvania farms, and Pennsylvania has farms that specialize in making butter and other dairy products. In their yearly farm show, artists display their masterpieces entirely made out of butter. These may come in form of people, things, animals, virtually anything that one can imagine. However, these particular sculptures are, of course not edible as it is made from a mix of cow manure and butter. They all weigh 1,000 pounds. Butter can weight heavy you know.

2. Cars

An average car can weight 4,000 pounds. But to make it as light as 1,000 pounds, no one will take you seriously. Apparently designs for new vehicles that weigh only a thousand pounds do exist. But manufacturers are still looking for the right materials. Most of the designs work with compressed air engines that run on hot air, having tiny motors located directly to their wheels

3. Wild Boar

A hunt for a good game in the wild can become a historic moment in one’s life. The life of a particular hunter changed when he hunted down a 1,000 pound wild boar while in his hunting game. Quite too good to be true? Ancient creatures from prehistoric times weighed more than a thousand pounds, and this might just be a relic worthy for scientists to resolve.

4. Lead Coffins

Coffins nowadays weight from a few hundred pounds to a thousand pounds. While not there to keep the dead as dead as they can be six feet under, they are durable and can last for years to come. Enter the old millenia where thousands pound coffins were not meant to exist, or were they? Archaeologists found a thousand pound coffin made of lead in Italy. See it here. It’s really real!

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PPI Claims: Why Today is Great for Making One

July 23rd, 2012

Consumer group Which? recently announced their success in having banks and PPI providers allow customers to reclaim PPI repayments directly from the bank’s or provider’s establishments through a correspondence letter. Efforts to simplify the PPI claims process is further accelerated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) calling on all banks to contact customers potentially mis sold PPI as there are 10.8 million UK citizens who have not yet made their claims.

Customers initially purchased PPI as per the advice of their financial advisers. Commission-based financial advisers, such as insurance brokers, bank representatives and the like, usually mislead customers to purchase more insurances they don’t actually need. In the case of PPI, customers were ineligible for the insurance’s requirements. PPI requires customers to be healthy and employed upon purchase and for a set period of time before they can receive their benefits.

The simplified PPI claims process was not as simple as it was in the previous years. PPI claims were instantly rejected by banks. The complaints from customers urged the FSA to establish new claims guidelines to help customers. Banks legally challenged the guidelines in 2010, which they conceded in 2011 as court favor was won by the FSA. The new claism guidelines, added with the success of Which? in their efforts to make a new simplified claiming process, ensures that all UK citizens will earn their rightful compensation.

Nowadays, it might be easier to make a claim, but experts warn that banks might take advantage of the situation. Banks might not consider all legal details of the claim and might only provide a lump-sum repayment for customers. It is highly advised that customers visit www.ppiclaimsco.org.uk to help them make a better claim that will guarantee they will receive all the repayments they deserve.

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Questionable Truths: International Peace Talks, Why is US Spearheading?

July 16th, 2012

It kinda disturbed me reading about US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s 13-day nine nation tour all over the world. It involves making diplomacy in all parts of the world to maintain world peace and stability. What disturbs me is the fact that she’s a US official traveling to spread the word of peace and diplomacy, and work out problems from different countries. She has traveled to Japan to discuss terms with Afghanistan and sort out things with their country. She has also convened Israel and Egypt and has made her say about the crisis in Syria.

Somehow, even if I am a US citizen, aren’t we overstepping our bounds? There are things that some people can sort out for themselves. US is acting like parents of children who have gone mad at each other and are trying to reconcile them. The only difference is that people who run countries are not children, but educated leaders who understand their own terms.

Most conflicts in different countries and areas stem from traditional differences. If the US intervenes, it means influencing them on western thought. Though it might stop the violence, it can also consume their culture and identity. I have nothing against peace talks and maintaining peace, but the US must make discreet of their movements as they are publicized in making attempts to make nations talk to each other.

This is why many people also hate the United States. I don’t hate my country, I love my country. But sometimes, I just think we are too proud of ourselves as defenders of peace and freedom. Share your ideas in the comments section, I’d like to hear from what you want to say about this topic.


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Syrian Crisis: Hillary Clinton’s Statement May Just Make Things Worse

July 9th, 2012

I’ve recently read about US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announce to reporters and photographers after her Tokyo Summit meeting that Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad’s regime is about to end. True, because of his crackdown against the Syrian opposition and the Free Syria Army, 17,000 innocent lives were lost. I’m not one to hate on their civil war, but people are dying as we speak.

The statement came in coincidentally along with President Al-Assad’s statement that the US is backing the Syrian opposition and is trying to destabilize Syria for their own benefit. However, he himself is not believable. He states that his government supports the UN Special Envoy Kofi Annan’s six-point peace plan for Syria, but says that they’ve tried the idea the recent December. They held an elections for all electoral parties and the opposition only won a few seats.

Clearly, with a government such as Assad’s, the possibility of gaining votes and influencing votes is quite easy.

The Syrian opposition, once presented with the peace plan, evidently refused to cooperate. They stated that they cannot work with any of the Assad regime as they have blood on their hands. Clearly, both sides have blood on their hands. Their attacks on each other have cost many innocent lives.

But let’s get back to the point. Hillary Clinton just said something that wasn’t appropriate. Al-Assad is going down. She said that. Then Al-Assad thinks that the US is politically backing their opponents. It just might make things worse for the six-point peace plan. Hillary Clinton might have just made things worse.

What do you think?


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An Introduction to Some Bizarre Cultures

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An Introduction to Some Bizarre Cultures

July 2nd, 2012

Our American culture is by far what we’ve come to know as the norm when it comes to living daily. On average, the American culture is quite influential. Due to the effects of globalization and the Internet, cultures are converging. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, globalization is definitely not enough to suppress what is innately unique to every country’s culture. Here are a few unique cultures that you might find taboo for the American taste.

A word of warning, two of the topics here may not be suitable for people with weak stomachs or sensitivities.

1. Duels

We’ve watched movies where the hero and the bad guy duel to the death dealing out ferocious punches, kicks, grabs and even shooting each other until one died. Duels still exist in some cultures, namely those of an indigenous nature. In the Philippines, tribes still duel to see who can lead the tribesmen in taking the throne.

While dueling was widely practiced in the 15th to 20th centuries, dueling is quite different today. It is a sport. Restoring one’s honor was the basic rule of duels. It meant that your honor can only be repaid by your willingness to risk it in a battle.

2. Eunuch

Eunuchs are men who are castrated from birth. China is the country with such a tradition. A Eunuch gain immense power more than political entities, given that they served in the country’s Sui Dynasty. Eunuchs can serve in the Imperial Service as punishment or as employment.

Castration allowed the male to have a childlike and inhuman flexibility, which allowed them favor in many culture due to the ‘perfectness of the male’s pitch. Well, if you’re willing to risk your manhood, you might just gain power. ;)

3. Foot Binding

This one comes from China again. Females in China have their feet bound by plasters, so tha their feet will not grow properly. The practice was intended to have the feet break and badly deformed. Most elderly Chinese women of today are disabled because of this practice.

The intent of the practice was to honor the sacred tradition of China. As a patriarchal community, men were more superior than women. Feet, a tool for mobility, was only limited to men to perform well in their daily tasks. Women were seen as ornaments designed only for the benefit of the male. However, the mutilation resulted to the necrotizing flesh and deformed toes of the women, which were broken and constricted tightly.

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