PPI Claims: How to Get All Your Repayments Back

June 25th, 2012

As of the year 2012, millions of UK citizens have reclaimed thousands to ten thousands of pounds of repayments from their mis sold PPI. The Financial Services Authority (FSA) discovered the mis selling of PPI in 2005. Upon establishing the new claims guidelines, they have guaranteed a £4.3 billion compensation package from the banks to be given for all customers mis sold PPI in the United Kingdom. If you haven’t already made a claim, you might be one of the 10.8 million who are urged to file a ppi claim as soon as possible.

PPI or payment protection insurance is an insurance policy designed to provide 12 months of loan repayment for customers who find themselves in financial trouble. Financial trouble can be caused by having to put off work to recover from sicknesses or accidents, or in the event you find yourself unemployed. The PPI can only provide these benefits as long as the customer purchased the insurance in perfect health and having a stable employment.

It is due to the mis selling tactics of commission-based insurance brokers that many UK citizens were mis sold PPI. Given that most customers trust their insurance brokers, bank representatives and financial advisers, this trust was played by bank representatives. After urging the customers by logically indicating the PPI’s benefits to their financial status, the customers agree completely. However, the financial advisers fail to advise about the requirements of PPI and if their customer is within the claiming age of the insurance.

If you have any questions with regards to making claims, it is advised that you seek the help of claims experts such as http://www.ppiclaimsco.org. Claims experts have the knowledge and skill to help you make your claim a success. You can have a free consultation with them, or have them make the entire claim under a no win no fee basis.

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Random Things and Random News

June 18th, 2012

Hi there! My name is Richard Owens and I live somewhere in the United States. I’d really prefer not to specify where my location is, but it would be better to protect my identity. But I’d like to share some stuff with you that I’m into with this blog. I’m a traveler and I like going to mountains. I can give you tips and the best ways to travel without having to spend a lot during your travels. Never mind those expensive packages travel agencies give you. If you like traveling but you don’t like being a tourist, then my tips are for you.

I’m also quite familiar and updated with world news, so sometimes, I’ll be sharing my insight about current news events in and out of the country. The world is a wonderful place, but we all need to be updated with current events to understand the situation better on each other’s part. It would be wise to be constructive to preserve our environment and our world for the future.

In all cases, I’ll also be expressing my own opinion about certain events and certain stuff too. I can be random sometimes. Well, I can share some of the interesting cultures of the countries, villages and cities I visit. That includes certain products, services and places that you might like to visit if you find it interesting.

There, I’ve introduced myself properly I believe. I hope you visit this blog more often than you can.

See you around! :)


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